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The Marine Biological Station

The Marine Biological Station (MBS), National Institute of Biology, is the only research group completely devoted to the study of the marine environment in Slovenia. Through tree decades of activity and collaboration with various national and international institutions for marine research, MBS developed into an important research group for developing the Slovenian contribution to marine science.


Its scientific activities involved both applied and basic research in biology, and chemical and physical oceanography. Our activities include monitoring of pollution and of unusual biological phenomena in the Gulf of Trieste (northern Adriatic).


MBS is connected with European institutions for marine research through MARS- European marine Research Station Network. MBS is the centre for the regional programme of the United Nations for the Mediterranean (UNEP, MED POL) and is action address for Slovenian co-operation in the International Oceanographic Committee UNESCO.

In the last few years MBS has collaborated in projects within the Alps Adria working community, and has participated in bilateral programmes with France, Great Britain, USA as well as with the nearby countries of Croatia and Italy. The MBS has also co- operated on projects of the European Union Environment programme, specifically the MAST II, the Phare project "Slovenian Coastal Zone Management Program"(Phare ZZ 96-03) and PHARE-TEMPUS "Study Program of Environmental Sciences and Management".

The Gulf of Trieste is a highly productive sea, with a large diversity of life forms and a unique habitat of boreal species, since it's the most northern part of the Mediterranean sea. Cape Madona Nature Monument and the Strunjan Nature Reserve were created to protect the extreme diversity of there habitats as well as plant and animal species which are undoubtedly unique not only to Slovenian coastal waters but to the entire Gulf of Trieste as well.


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