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Governments of the Republic of Slovenia

All Slovenian governments were coalition governments.


The first one was headed by Lojze Peterle (16 May 1990–14 May 1992) and consisted mainly of parties in the DEMOS coalition.

The second, led by Janez Drnovšek (14 May 1992–25 January 1993), consisted of the parties SDS, DS, ZS, LDS, ZLSD and SSS, while the third (25 January 1993–27 February 1997), still with Janez Drnovšek as the Prime Minister, originally included the parties LDS, SKD, ZLSD and SDSS. In 1994, after a minister was replaced, SDSS left the coalition followed by ZLSD in 1996.


The fourth government (27 February 1997–7 June 2000) with the coalition formed among LDS, SLS and DeSUS was again headed by Janez Drnovšek.


The Prime Minister of the fifth government (7 June 2000–30 November 2000), which included SDS and SLS+SKD, was Andrej Bajuk.


The sixth government was headed by Janez Drnovšek (30 November 2000–19 December 2002) with the coalition consisting of LDS, ZLSD, SLS and DeSUS.


The seventh government with the same coalition parties was headed by Anton Rop (19 December 2000–3 December 2004).


The eighth government (9 November 2004–21 November 2008) with the coalition formed among the Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS), New Slovenia – Christian People’s Party (NSi), the Slovenian People’s Party (SLS) and the Democratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia (DeSUS) was headed by Janez Janša.


The ninth government was headed by Borut Pahor (21 November 2008 till 10 February 2012) with the coalition consisting of SD (Social Democrats), LDS (Liberal Democracy of Slovenia), Zares - socialno liberalni (Zares - Social Liberals), and DeSUS (Democratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia).


The tenth government was headed by Janez Janša (10 February 2012 till 20 March 2013) with the coalition consisting of Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS), Gregor Virant's Citizens' List (DLGV), Democratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia(DeSUS), Slovenian People's Party (SLS) and New Slovenia (NSi).


The eleventh government (20 March 2013 till 18 September 2014) was headed by Alenka Bratušek with the coalition consisting of the Positive Slovenia (PS), Social Democrats (SD), Citizens' List (DL), and Democratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia (DeSUS).


The twelfth government (from 18 September 2014 till 13 September 2018) was headed by Miro Cerar with the coalition consisting of the Party of Modern Centre (SMC), Democratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia (DeSUS) and Social Democrats (SD).