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Executive council of the Republic of Slovenia from 1990 - 1992

Executive council of the Republic of Slovenia from 1990 - 1992 (Government)

Alojz Peterle (photo: BOBO)

Alojz Peterle
President of the Executive Council (SKD) elected 16/5 1990


Vice Presidents of the Executive Council of the Republic of Slovenia:

Matija Malešič for social activities (independent) appointed 16/5 1990
Dr Jože Mencinger for economic affairs (SDSS) appointed 16/5 1990, discharged 8/5 1991
Dr Andrej Ocvirk (independent) appointed 8/5 1991
Dr Leopold Šešerko for environment protection and regional development (ZS) appointed 16/5 1990


Members of the Executive Council of the Republic of Slovenia:

Maks Bastl
President of Committee for Market and General Economic Affairs (SKZ) appointed 16/5 1990, discharged 12/2 1992

Jožef Jeraj
Minister of Trade appointed 12/2 1992

Igor Bavčar
Secretary for Internal Affairs (SDZ) appointed 16/5 1990

Dr Katja Boh
President of Committee for Health and Social Security (SDSS) appointed 16/5 1990, discharged 15/1 1992

Dr Božidar Voljč
Minister of Health, Family and Social Security appointed 15/1 1992

Viktor Brezar
President of Committee for Small-Scale Business (LS) appointed 16/5 1990

Dr Andrej Capuder
President of Committee for Culture (SKD) appointed 16/5 1990

Dr Janez Dular
Member of the Executive Council responsible for Slovenes abroad and for Italian and Hungarian minority (independent) appointed 16/5 1990

Franc Godeša
President of Committee for War Veterans and Disabled (SDP) appointed 16/5 1990

Alojz Janko
President of Committee for Legislation (independent) appointed 16/5 1990

Janez Janša
Secretary for National Defence (SDZ) appointed 16/5 1990

Miha Jazbinšek
President of Committee for Environment Protection and Physical Planning (ZS) appointed 16/5 1990

Stane Stanič
President of Committee for Information (ZSMS-LS) appointed 16/5 1990, discharged 24/4 1991

Jelko Kacin
Secretary of Information (independent) appointed 24/4 1991

Marjan Krajnc
President of Committee for Transport and Communications (SKD) appointed 16/5 1990

Dr Marko Kranjec
Secretary for Finance (independent) appointed 16/5 1990, discharged 8/5 1991

Dušan Šešok
Secretary for Finance (SKD) appointed 9/5 1991

Dr Jožef Jakob Osterc
President of Committee for Agriculture, Forestry and Food (SKZ) appointed 16/5 1990

Ingo Paš
President of Committee for Tourism and Catering (LS) appointed 16/5 1990

Dr Rajko Pirnat
Secretary of Justice and Administration (SDZ) appointed 16/5 1990

Jožefa Puhar
President of Committee for Labour (ZLSD) appointed 16/5 1990

Izidor Rejc
President of Committee for Industry and Construction (SKD) appointed 16/5 1990

Dr Dimitrij Rupel
President of committee for International Cooperation (SDZ) appointed 16/5 1990

Dr Peter Tancig
President of Committee for Research and Technology (ZS) appointed 16/5 1990

Dr Miha Tomšič
President of Committee for Power Supply (SDP) appointed 16/5 1990

Igor Umek
President of Committee for Social Planning (independent) appointed 16/5 1990

Dr Peter Ferdinand Vencelj
President of Committee for Education and Sports (SKD) appointed 16/5 1990


Note: On 28. June 1991 a new law on government came in force which replaced the secretaries with ministers.