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Ministry of Culture

Anton Peršak
Minister of Culture
Damjana Pečnik
State Secretary


Priorities of the Ministry

  • Renovating the model of cultural policy in accordance with the adopted national Programme for Culture in order to establish a strong network of providers of cultural programmes and projects in the public interest, which will receive support from all other sectors. Cultural policy must be strategically included in the implementation of all policies at government and local levels.
  • Strengthening Slovenian culture, language and cultural heritage, which promote creativity, social cohesion and economic development throughout Slovenia.
  • Supporting the international position of Slovenian culture, ensuring media freedom and promoting amateur culture and cultural and arts education at all levels.
  • Close cooperation of the cultural sector and other sectors, including the business sectors and local communities and strengthening dialogue with all stakeholders in the area of culture, particularly the non-governmental sector.
  • Eliminating administrative obstacles and improving the position of artists and authors (particularly self-employed freelancers), providers of cultural programmes and journalists.
  • Promoting the development of innovative approaches to improve access to cultural content, particularly by coordinating the government and non-governmental sectors and promoting cooperation between both.
  • Digitalising culture: ensuring greater access to, and protection of, culture and cultural heritage and promoting cultural and media literacy via contemporary technology.
  • Implementing measures ensuring the necessary infrastructure for the operation of institutions significant to the culture sector and the preservation of cultural heritage
  • Reforming media legislation.
  • Preserving cultural heritage.



Ministry Contacts

Ministry of Culture

Maistrova ulica 10, 1000 Ljubljana

T: +386 1 369 59 00



Affiliated Bodies

Culture and Media Inspectorate

Metelkova 4, 1000 Ljubljana

T: +386 1 400 79 01



Zvezdarska 1, 1000 Ljubljana

T: +386 1 241 42 00