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Minister of Defence

Andreja Katič

Born 22 December 1969

Bachelor of Laws

Andreja Katič was born in 1969 in Slovenj Gradec. In 1996, she graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Maribor with a thesis on immissions and relations between legal protection in rem and in personam, and obtained the title Bachelor of Laws.


After completing her studies, she became the employee of the Municipality of Velenje, where she worked in the capacity of Director of Municipal Administration of the Municipality of Velenje. Throughout, she participated in the work of the Association of Urban Municipalities of Slovenia and Association of Municipalities and Towns of Slovenia, where she headed the Commission for Legal and Legislative Issues for several years. She was member of the Administrative Board of the University of Maribor and the Council of the Velenje Health Care Centre (Zdravstveni dom Velenje), as well as president of the Association of Secretaries (directors of municipal administrations) of Slovenian municipalities. As a municipality representative, she sat in the supervisory board for the Operations programme of the development of environmental and transport infrastructure. She also chaired the asssembly of the Velenje Municipal Utility Company (Komunalno podjetje Velenje) and electricity distribution company Elektro Maribor. Throughout, she remained actively present in the social life of the local community, specifically as a commissioner in the project “Velenje ¬– UNICEF Child-Friendly City” and member of the Panel for Improved Security of Municipality Residents, whose efforts were rewarded by proclaiming Velenje as the safest Slovenian city in 2013.


In the 2014 parliamentary election, she was elected to become member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia and acted as its Vice President. In the prescribed period, she abandoned the functions and activities not compatible with the function of a member of parliament.


She has active knowledge of English and Croatian, and working knowledge of German.


She lives with her family in Velenje.

Source: Ministry of Defence

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