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Minister of Health

Milojka Kolar Celarc

Born 10 September 1951
MEcon, Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana

Marija Milojka Kolar Celarc is a specialist in health-care and financial systems. In 2013, she cooperated in the working group at the Ministry of Health on amending health-care legislation. Between 2011 and 2013, she was President of the Management Board of the health insurance company Vzajemna. Prior to this, she was a member of, and an assistant to, the management board of the same company. As an experienced tax system expert and certified auditor, she worked as Head of the Internal Audit Centre at the Sava Re Group. During 1994–2000 and 2003–2005, she was the State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance responsible for the tax and customs system, the budget revenue of the Republic of Slovenia, budget inspection and internal auditing. She successfully managed the project of introducing VAT in the Republic of Slovenia and the project of establishing a single tax administration. As Minister of Health, she will endeavour to strengthen the public health-care system to provide the citizens with quick and high-quality health-care services. 

Foto: Tamino Petelinšek/STA

Ministry Contacts

Ministry of Health

Štefanova ulica 5, 1000 Ljubljana

T: +386 1 478 60 01