Ministry of Education and Sport


Igor Lukšič

Dr Igor Lukšič


Igor Lukšič was born on 3 December 1961 in Novo mesto. He holds a PhD in political sciences and is a professor of political science at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Ljubljana. He graduated in 1986 and became a Teaching Assistant at the Faculty and later Assistant Professor. He was elected a Professor in 2003. He was the Chair of the Department of Political Science (1997-1999 and from 2007), Vice Dean (1999-2001) and Dean (2001-2003) of the Faculty of Social Sciences.


Between 1995 and 2008 he was Editor-in-Chief of the magazine Teorija in praksa.  His research areas include political culture, the history of political ideas and political systems, and analysis of policies. He has written five books and published several articles in Slovene, German, English, Czech and Croatian. He has lectured at several international universities, including the Michigan State University at Kalamazoo, the University of California in Davis and the University of Genova. He has been the President of the Union of Slovenia Sports Societies at the University of Ljubljana.


Since 2005 he has been Vice-President of the Social Democrats. In September 2008 he was elected to the National Assembly and on 21 November 2008 he was elected the Minister of Education and Sport.





Dr Igor Lukšič

Phone: +386 1 400 52 81

fax: +386 1 400 53 29

e-mail: igor.luksic[@]


Head of the Office:

Mojca Grobelnik

Phone: +386 1 400 53 11

fax: +386 1 400 53 29

e-mail: mojca.grobelnik[@]


Public Relations Office:

Sebastijan Magdič

Phone: +386 1 400 53 52

fax: +386 1 400 53 29

e-mail: sebastijan.magdic[@]


Katja Pegam

Phone: +386 1 400 56 77




Acting Secretary-General: Gregor Kos, MSc

Phone: +386 1 400 53 59

fax: +386 1 400 53 61

e-mail: gregor.kos[@]

Directorates and Offices

Pre-School and Basic Education Directorate

Masarykova 16, 1000 Ljubljana

Director-General: Boris Černilec

Phone: +386 1 400 54 92, fax: +386 1 400 54 05

e-mail: boris.cernilec[@]


Secondary, Higher Vocational and Adult Education Directorate

Masarykova 16, 1000 Ljubljana

Director-General: Vinko Logaj, MSc

Phone: +386 1 400 54 41, fax: +386 1 400 53 69

e-mail: vinko.logaj[@]


Sport Directorate

Masarykova 16, 1000 Ljubljana

Director-General: Marko Rajšter

Phone: +386 1 400 52 49, fax: +386 1 400 53 25

e-mail: marko.rajster[@]


Education Development Office

Masarykova 16, 1000 Ljubljana

Director: Dr Andreja Barle Lakota

Phone: +386 1 400 53 00, fax: +386 1 428 53 32

e-mail: andreja.barle[@]



Main Areas of Activity

The Ministry of Education and Sport performs tasks relating to:

  • education, position and social protection of children, adolescents and adults in kindergartens, primary schools, school student residence halls, music schools, secondary schools and in institutions and units for adult education;
  • education of members of the Italian and Hungarian ethnic communities and of the Romanies, education of members of the Slovenian minority in Italy, Austria and Hungary;
  • supplementary lessons in Slovene language and culture for Slovenes living abroad;
  • sports education and recreational sport;
  • preventive and corrective sporting activities;
  • selective and competitive sport;
  • preparation of system and other solutions;
  • preparation of the national programme and the public service programme;
  • determination of the financial criteria for public services;
  • setting up of a register of fixed assets and the preparation of a programme of investment and maintenance;
  • establishment of personnel documentation and the education of teacher trainers, adult education and other professionals, and promotion to different academic titles.
  • establishment of personnel documentation and the education of teacher trainers, adult education and other professionals, and promotion to different academic titles.



Bodies affiliated to the Ministry

Inspectorate of the RS for Education and Sport

Linhartova 7, 1000 Ljubljana

Phone: +386 1 400 53 35

fax: +386 1 400 57 44

e-mail: inspektorat-solstvo.mszs[@]


Chief Inspector: Tomaž Rozman



The Inspectorate for Education and Sport oversees the implementation of laws, other regulations and documents regulating the organisation, assigned spending of public funds and performance of formal education provided by kindergartens, primary schools, music schools, lower and secondary vocational schools, secondary technical and vocational schools, grammar schools, professional colleges, institutions for educating and training children and adolescents with special needs, organisations for educating adults and private individuals gaining education under publicly valid programmes, halls of residence for school pupils and university students, procedures and deadlines for applications in public competitions, and enrolment in higher education. 


Office of the RS for Youth

Masarykova 16/IV, 1000 Ljubljana

Phone: +386 1 400 57 90

fax: +386 1 425400 57 99

e-mail: um[@]



Director: Peter Debeljak

e-mail: peter.debeljak[@]


The tasks of the Office for Youth relate to planning and implementing measures in the area of youth policy, implementing social policy for children and youth, social and informal education, leisure activities, culture, public awareness and international cooperation in these areas.