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Government Press Releases

  • 23.03.17 Government Session
    127th regular session of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia
    At today's session, the Government adopted the draft Act amending the Housing Act, adopted the Act establishing the public body KSEVT and also saw the adoption of the Decree amending the Decree on the classification of illicit...
  • 21.03.17 
    MAFF response to Publication of delegated Act by European Commission
    Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food (MAFF) was notified that the European Commission had published a draft delegated act on its Portal for Better Regulation, for approval of derogation to Croatia in using the Teran red...
  • 16.03.17 
    126th Government Session
    The reform of criminal procedure, the establishment of a probation office and financial incentives for foreign investment are just a few of the numerous topics addressed by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia at its...
  • 10.03.17 
    "The Goriška region is a jewel that enchants everyone"
    The Government of the Republic of Slovenia visited the Goriška region at the start of this week as part of its regular programme of regional visits. The Government team began their visit with a working conference at which they...
  • 8.03.17 Government Session
    125th Government Session
    At today's session the Government of the Republic of Slovenia adopted the text of the Draft Act amending the Penal Code (KZ1–E). Amending statute KZ1-E increases penalties in some of the most important areas of the life of...
  • 7.03.17 Other
    Equality must know no differences
    Although 8 March is not a national holiday marked by a day off work, it nevertheless deserves a special place in our society. Women as wives, mothers, sisters, friends, neighbours, colleagues and in countless other roles are the...
  • 2.03.17 Government Session
    124th Government Session
    Donation of food regulated in draft Act amending Agriculture Act The Government has adopted a draft Act amending the Agriculture Act. Among the more significant amendments to the Act is the donation of food. The amended Act...
  • 23.02.17 
    In the case of transferred LB foreign currency deposits Croatia continues to disregard international commitments
    The court in Zagreb held a hearing today in one of the disputes that Privredna banka Zagreb (PBZ) is conducting against Ljubljanska banka (LB) and Nova Ljubljanska banka (NLB). On this new instance of non-adherence to...
  • 23.02.17 
    The Government on international challenges in the business enterprise sector and changes in establishing reciprocity
    At today's regular session the Government of the Republic of Slovenia took note of the document International Challenges 2017–2018, through which it aims to offer adequate support to Slovenian businesses as they intensify their...
  • 9.02.17 Government Session
    121st session of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia
    Government briefed on the Vision of Slovenia and the process of its creation.

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