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138th Regular Government Session: Government rejects minimum offer price for NLB

“At today’s regular session the Slovenian Government, acting as the Assembly of SDH, studied all the relevant aspects for and against the sale of NLB, and decided not to consent to the minimum offer price for Nova Ljubljanska banka shares and the offer price spread for shares,” stated Prime Minister Miro Cerar at today’s press conference.

As the Assembly body of Slovenian Sovereign Holding (SDH), the Government resolved to reject the minimum offer price for Nova Ljubljanska banka shares in the amount of 55 euros and the spread of the offer price for Nova Ljubljanska banka shares of 55 to 71 euros.

The Government has determined that the issue of the transferred foreign currency deposits in Croatia represents an objective external circumstance which, given other risks arising in the sale process, will prevent completion of a successful sale.

The Government has assigned the Minister of Finance to brief the European Commission on today’s Government decision, and in cooperation with other competent ministries and with the competent staff of the Commission she will study possible alternative compensatory measures. The Government has also charged the Minister with briefing it on possible alternative compensatory measures for the purpose of further Government decisions regarding re-opening of the procedure of assessing permitted state aid to Nova Ljubljanska banka.


Government also addresses precarious labour market, construction of second rail track and union negotiations.

At today’s session the Government also adopted the proposed revision of the Labour Inspection Act and approved the text of the proposed Act Amending the Labour Market Act. The amendments cover measures to combat the precarious nature of the labour market and to promote decent work, along with measures for more rapid activation of unemployed persons.

The Government has ordered the Ministry of Infrastructure and the National Infrastructure Directorate to obtain, by 31 December 2017, the necessary legal and expert basis that will allow the proposed second track of the Divača – Koper railway line to move into the next stage and be developed into a two-track line.

The Government was also briefed with information on negotiations with the representative public sector unions regarding elimination of anomalies in evaluating jobs and titles in the public sector salary system, and adopted Principles for Negotiation with the representative public sector unions regarding measures in the area of wages and other labour costs in 2018 and 2019.

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