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Press Release


165th Regular Session of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia

At today’s session, the government adopted the draft Resolution on the National Mental Health Programme 2018-2028. The resolution is Slovenia’s first national strategic document in the area of mental health. The national mental health programme will allow us to focus on implementing approaches in the field of the promotion and protection of mental health oriented towards the strengthening of support environments and individuals’ own inner psychological resources, particularly psychological hardiness. A psychologically hardy person is more readily able to adapt to the requirements of everyday life and able to live in greater peace. We will place special emphasis on programmes for vulnerable groups and mental health literacy programmes.  The needs of people in the local environment can be effectively addressed through a community approach in which various stakeholders participate (education and training, social affairs and families, healthcare, associations and individuals, users of various services, etc.). A community approach to improving health and reducing healthcare inequalities in the local community allows us to respond to the needs of the local population, improve access to services and programmes, develop support networks and self-help groups and to take both formal and informal forms of assistance into consideration. It requires the partners in the local environment to overcome obstacles and develop competences, skills and pathways for implementing measures in a coordinated and collective manner. 


The resolution creates a public network of mental health facilities for children and youth, adults and seniors for interdisciplinary treatment at the local level, including mobile teams which provide community treatment in the local environment for people with mental health disorders. Twenty-five mental health centres for children, youth and families, and twenty-five mental health centres for adults will be established at healthcare centres, based on the existing “mental hygiene clinics”. 


The government also voted today to introduce a programme to reduce the number of waiting patients who have exceeded the permissible waiting period for certain healthcare services in 2018. The Ministry of Health will earmark budgetary funds amounting to EUR 10 million for the programme, and the Health Insurance Institute will provide EUR 6.62 million.


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