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Press Release


169th Regular Session of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia

At today’s session the Government appointed Secretary-General of the Government Lilijana Kozlovič as the head of the special government negotiating team for addressing strike demands in place of Minister of Public Administration Boris Koprivnikar.

At the session, the Government discharged Major General Andrej Osterman of the duties of Chief of the General Staff of the Slovenian Armed Forces and appointed Major General Alan Geder as the new Chief of Staff. The discharge of Chief of Staff Andrej Osterman was proposed owing to work requirements, which in this instance comprised a need to improve the level of preparedness of the Slovenian Armed Forces. Under Article 5(6)(a) of the Defence Act, the preparedness of the Slovenian Armed Forces is a condition which reflects its capacity to fulfil its duties in times of peace and war. In order to improve the quality of the Slovenian Armed Forces, the Government has adopted measures through which it has reversed the trend of decreasing budgets for the Slovenian Armed Forces, and provided additional funding in order to improve the level of preparedness and the development of capacities at the national level and at the level of the alliance. The findings from the assessment of the 72nd Brigade of the Slovenian Armed Forces following the CREVAL method indicate that the measures intended to improve the level of preparedness of the Slovenian Armed Forces are not being implemented as fast as had been expected. The authority in charge of it is thus not achieving its expected operating results, which impedes the high-quality and effective operation of the authority in accordance with its work programme.

The Government adopted a draft act amending the Witness Protection Act, which will bring positive changes to the operation of the witness protection programme in Slovenia, in the form of more secure protection for threatened witnesses during the provision of emergency protection measures, the possibility for protected witnesses to decide on the continued use of their new identity and the possibility of international cooperation in the area of witness protection with international institutions that do not have the status of a state, but do operate witness protection programmes.

At today’s session, the Government also studied the essential points in the European Commission’s reply to Slovenia’s official request for the amendment of commitments regarding Nova Ljubljanska banka (NLB). It was agreed that additional talks should be held with the Commission before Slovenia issues an official response. The purpose of those talks is to bring the two sides’ positions regarding amendments to the commitments for NLB closer together. Finance Minister Mateja Vraničar Erman will therefore meet with EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager in Brussels on 26 February 2018. The Ministry of Finance received a reply from the European Commission on 26 January 2018 regarding Slovenia’s proposal of December 2017 to amend the commitments regarding NLB. Slovenia has until 2 March 2018 to issue an official response to the Commission’s reply.

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