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Press Release


21st regular session of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia

At today's session the Slovenian government adopted the text of the Draft Act amending the Attorneys Act. The main reason for drafting a minor amendment to the Attorneys Act is a formal notice from the European Commission in July 2018 notifying Slovenia that its national legislation regulating the field of law was not in compliance with EU law. The regulation of professional services under EU law prohibits all forms of discrimination directly or indirectly based on citizenship.


The government adopted a position with regard to the Assessment of the compliance of the Proposal for Rebalancing the 2019 Budget with fiscal rules. The government states that due to the introduction of the budget rebalance for 2019, the structural equilibrium of the public sector will not be threatened in the medium term. The government also noted that the development of appropriate structural measures requires the determination of an appropriate time frame and social cohesion. Measures have been implemented that can no longer be extended due to the state’s fiscal situation. On the other hand, funds for investment in and promotion of hi-tech development projects, research programmes and projects for stimulating economic growth have increased. The government adds that it has already begun to prepare the documents for the Stability Programme and the Framework for the preparation of the general government budget for the 2020-2022 period, which will take account of the requirements for the balancing of the budget in the medium term.


The government was briefed on the Report of the Ministry of Finance on the Supervision of the Bank Asset Management Company (BAMC) and the written guidelines issued for the period from 1 October to 31 December 2018. In the report, the Ministry of Finance notes that BAMC funds are public funds which have to be managed prudently. Therefore the BAMC proposed that it conduct a detailed analysis of all planned and unplanned costs from its establishment onwards, and update the estimate of planned revenues from the sale of assets.


The government was also briefed on Information on the status of corporate governance at the BAMC and on the implementation of measures to ensure efficient and effective operations. The BAMC has introduced improvements to its business processes which have lowered its operational risk, but in the opinion of the Ministry of Finance this progress is not sufficient. Therefore the government ordered the Ministry of Finance to draft additional measures that will ensure an appropriate level of corporate governance, both at the level of the board of directors and at all levels of operation. The BAMC has also been required to conclude all procedures relating to the establishment of responsibility for damages incurred in the sale of real estate in Logatec.

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