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Cerar: Slovenia will implement the arbitration ruling. It expects Croatia to do the same.

Slovenia's political leaders are unanimous that Slovenia will implement the arbitration ruling regarding the border with Croatia within the deadline, and that it expects Croatia to do the same, said Prime Minister Miro Cerar after yesterday's meeting of the country's highest political representatives.


He emphasised that Slovenia continues to be open for dialogue with Croatia and committed to the meeting that is scheduled to take place with his Croatian counterpart Plenković in Zagreb "in a few weeks." But the main topic of talks at this meeting will have to be the implementation of the arbitration ruling, said the Prime Minister, explaining that technical preparations for the meeting are already under way.


The Slovenian government is drafting a special intervention law that will guarantee the status and rights of all people living in the border area and whose situation could deteriorate without such a law. The government wishes to guarantee that these people can continue to lead a normal life while retaining their current rights, explained Mr Cerar. The Government is expected to adopt this draft law before the end of this month and submit it to the National Assembly.


In September the national surveying and mapping authority will draw the border in the appropriate scale. "It is right that this new border should now be drawn, so that we can see precisely where the border now runs in the light of the arbitration decision," said Mr Cerar.


He added that the National Assembly will be required to consider at least eight other laws, while the Government will need to discuss around 40 implementing regulations. Some regulations will also need to be amended at the municipal level, Mr Cerar added.

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