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Decisions from the 170th session of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia

Photo: Bor Slana/STA

The Government discussed two sets of materials today in connection with the procedure being conducted by the European Commission regarding the implementation of its commitment to sell Nova Ljubljanska banka. Minister of Finance Mateja Vraničar Erman presented the Government with a report on her most recent discussion with EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, which was held on 26 February in Brussels, and the Government also approved Slovenia’s draft reply to the European Commission’s January letter. The Government authorised the minister to send the reply to the European Commission by the deadline, which expires on 2 March.


In its reply, in accordance with its positions to date, Slovenia responded to all of the main reservations and additional questions set out in the European Commission’s January letter, and repeated all of the main reasons for changing the commitments using additional arguments partly stemming from the most recent discussions with the Commission. On this basis, Slovenia expects that the discussions, which will continue after the submission of the reply, will continue to unfold in a productive manner towards a possible agreement on a solution regarding a change to the commitments.


At its session today, the Government defined the text of the draft Energy Act. The text included urgently necessary changes connected with the implementation of two European directives, a Constitutional Court decision and guidelines for State aid relating to the environment and energy.


At its session today, the Government also defined the text of the draft Resolution on Slovenia’s Energy Concept. The objective of Slovenia’s energy policy is to ensure a reliable, safe and competitive supply of energy in a sustainable manner, the transition to a low-carbon society and the meeting of sustainable development goals. This will create a supportive environment for economic development and the creation of jobs with high added value, and acceptable energy services for both households and businesses.

Specific measures for the achievement of the objectives set out in Slovenia’s Energy Concept, which will be added to current policies and measures, will be defined in more detail in ancillary implementing documents – action plans for individual areas of energy supply and management.


The Government adopted the draft Fire Service Act, which stipulates that professional firefighters who perform operational firefighting duties in accordance with the job systematisation shall be entitled to a loyalty bonus for each year of such work commenced over five years. At the same time, it stipulates that civil servants who are transferred to professional firefighting units shall have their years of service at the institution from which they were transferred included in the calculation of their loyalty bonuses, if they were entitled to loyalty bonuses pursuant to regulations and under the conditions applying to the institution from which they were transferred. The proposed amendments to the Fire Service Act will make the position of professional firefighters with respect to loyalty bonuses comparable to that of other uniformed services (police, members of the full-time Slovenian Armed Forces, authorised officials under the Enforcement of Criminal Sanctions Act).


A draft Roma Community in the Republic of Slovenia Act was also adopted, through which the composition of the Council of the Roma Community will be changed in order to improve the living conditions of the Roma community and to eliminate various deficiencies of the current law.




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