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Press Release


Government adopts urgent measures to control and limit the migration influx

At today's session, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia discussed the current situation and adopted urgent measures to control and limit the migration influx.

The number of migrants that arrived in the last three days exceeded the capacities prepared by Slovenia. Only yesterday, about 8,000 people entered Slovenia. In total, only 2,000 proceeded to Austria, although the Austrian authorities claim that their reception policy has not changed. In addition, the pressure of migrants entering from Croatia has been increasing, because Croatia is not announcing new arrivals of migrants, who are sent to the state border dispersed among different points of entry and without their numbers being monitored. Due to the actions taken by the neighbouring countries, about 6,000 people stayed in Slovenia last night, most of whom are women and children.


The government believes that migrants cannot stay on Slovenia’s territory unmonitored. They also have to be appropriately accommodated. The government will try to find solutions to ensure additional accommodation capacities for migrants and a sufficient number of beds. 


The government approved amendments to the Defence Act. The amendments, which are to be referred to the National Assembly today, define new tasks for the Slovenian Armed Forces under strictly specified conditions based on the approval of the National Assembly.


Slovenia is the smallest country on the Balkan migration route, with accordingly limited capacities, both in terms of effective control of the state border and the accommodation of migrants. Therefore, Slovenia is publicly calling on member states and European institutions to become actively involved in taking on the unevenly distributed burden that Slovenia is under. From Slovenia’s perspective, European solidarity is at stake. It is delusional to expect a country with a population of two million to stop, regulate and resolve what much bigger member states have failed to do.


Nevertheless, Slovenia will continue to do everything in its power to effectively control the influx of migrants and ensure that the functioning of the state is not interrupted and that people’s lives are undisturbed.

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