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Government representatives to visit fishermen and residents living along the border

In a statement today, secretary-general of the government, Lilijana Kozlovič, outlined the activities undertaken so far to implement the arbitration ruling. She told to the press that over the next week, government representatives will visit fishermen and residents living along the border. She added that Slovenia continues dialog at the EU level and with the Republic of Croatia, but she also underlined that it is important for Slovenia to safeguard its national interests.

Photo: Daniel Novakovič/STA

The legislative procedure for the package of four laws necessary for implementation of the ruling on the border between Slovenia and Croatia has already been completed at the National Assembly. This means that the government has compiled that portion of the legislative documents it is able to compile without Croatian participation and that are required for implementation of the ruling. 



Pursuant to the legislation adopted, the competent ministries will compile the required four implementing regulations, which relate to the logging of the state border and the area of fisheries, by 25 December. Regular inter-departmental and operational coordination is taking place on a continual basis, and a new legislative package is already being prepared. It will have to be adjusted after the state border is logged. 



Over the next week, government representatives will visit fishermen and residents living along the border. “Legislation that was recently adopted and the logging of the border are extremely important for them. For this reason, we will accompany ministerial representatives to the areas affected to explain how they can exercise the rights granted them under the law and what this actually means for them,” said the secretary-general. 



EU-level communications are also ongoing. Slovenia is in constant contact with the European Commission and with all EU-level institutions, presenting its proposals to resolve the arbitration question. The final meeting of the European Council will constitute a special opportunity to do just this. The European Commission was present at the signing of the arbitration agreement, and its highest-ranking representatives stressed at the proclamation that international (and, in the final phase, EU) law had to be respected. Secretary-general Kozlovič also referred to the statements given by European Commission Vice-President Timmermans, that talks with both countries were taking place and would continue to take place, although he had not yet set a date for his visit. 



“We are also talking to Croatia at various levels,” the secretary-general continued. “The prime minister has made it clear that we can only officially discuss implementation of the arbitration ruling. An official meeting will be held once this issue has been resolved by both sides.”



In all its efforts to implement the arbitration ruling, Slovenia is continuing to insist on a peaceful resolution to the disputes and respect for international law. Above all, it is patiently and decisively waiting for cooperation on the Croatian side. The international community is being kept informed of all developments. 

At the end of the statement, secretary-general Kozlovič further emphasised how important it was for Slovenia to approach the realisation of this historical step in a responsible, concerted and unified way. “Dialogue is important; but it is also important for us to strive to realise and safeguard our national interests,” she concluded. 



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