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Press Release


Government supports recognition of Palestine, but not immediately

At today’s regular session, the government discussed documentation regarding the current situation, and effects and aspects relating to the recognition of Palestine by the Republic of Slovenia. The government supports the recognition of Palestine as an independent, sovereign country, but is considering the most appropriate time for such an action, which lies within the competence of the National Assembly. For the moment, the government has postponed discussing this item on the agenda and requested the foreign ministry to inform the Committee on Foreign Policy of the National Assembly.


The government also approved the starting points for Slovenia’s collaboration on the European Space Agency as a member. On 22 January 2010, Slovenia signed the five-year Decree ratifying the European Cooperating State Agreement between the Republic of Slovenia and the European Space Agency (ESA). Slovenia’s status will expire in November 2015. Slovenia decided to apply for full membership, as it will then be able to cooperate in all ESA programmes as a full member.


Slovenia’s business sector has also expressed interest in Slovenia’s further cooperation as a full member, as this means direct long-term positive effects that will translate into both new jobs and higher added value in companies. The space sector promotes scientific progress and enables the development of systems and services with potential for growth in areas such a telecommunications, navigation and observation of the Earth. These systems and services contribute to independence and security, and help overcome major social challenges, including climate change, limited resources, health and population ageing. They promote innovation and competitiveness in numerous non-space sectors and contribute to economic growth and new jobs in almost all sectors. Therefore, it is important that Slovenia is part of these processes.


The government proposed Barbara Smolnikar, Damjan Belič, Drago Ferfolja, Duško Kos and Lidia Glavina to the National Assembly as candidates for the supervisory board of the Slovene Sovereign Holding for a five-year term.

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