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Government takes note of the draft Slovenian Development Strategy 2030

Photo: Daniel Novakovič/STA


At today’s regular session, members of the Slovenian government were apprised of the draft Slovenian Development Strategy 2030. At the beginning of its term of office, the government identified the drafting of the document as one of its priority tasks. The document was compiled under the auspices of the Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy, the Ministry of Finance and the Institute of Macroeconomic Analysis and Development, and in close cooperation with all line ministries and the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia. A process of public consultation will begin after today’s session, and last until 9 November 2017; this comes after a year or so in which the document was coordinated between the various stakeholders. This will be followed by inter-departmental coordination, provisionally set for December 2017, and final adoption by the government.


The Slovenian Development Strategy 2030, which is the overall development framework of the state, is a response to the Vision of Slovenia 2050 document, a review of the current situation in the economic, social and environmental spheres, and global trends and challenges; the document therefore incorporates UN sustainable development objectives. It is primarily aimed at the policymakers responsible for its implementation, while the effects of the document will be felt by the Slovenian population, individuals and society as a whole, who are at its core. The Strategy’s central objective is to increase quality of life of everyone. To this end, five strategic orientations have been defined:


1. an inclusive, robust, safe and responsible society
2. learning for and throughout life
3. a highly productive economy that creates added value for all
4. a conserved and healthy natural environment
5. a high level of collaboration, training and management efficiency


As the Strategy makes clear, it will be necessary to operate at various interconnected and interdependent areas, reflected in the Strategy’s 12 development objectives, if the strategic orientations are to be implemented:


1. a healthy and active life
2. knowledge and skills for quality of life and work
3. a dignified life for all
4. culture and language as the basic determinants of national identity
5. economic stability
6. a competitive and socially responsible enterprise and research sector
7. an inclusive labour market and high-quality jobs
8. a circular, low-carbon economy
9. the sustainable and efficient management of natural resources
10. a trustworthy legal system
11. a safe and globally responsible Slovenia
12. efficiently managed and high-quality public services


Realisation of these objectives will only be possible through balanced economic, social and environmental development, with learning for and throughout life and an efficient system of management and collaboration being crucial in this regard.

The Strategy constitutes the overall framework for the country’s development and one that sectoral development policies, programmes and operational and implementational measures will have to adhere to. The content of the policies that lie within the remit of the various departments is woven into individual objectives; therefore, if the Strategy is to be implemented successfully, the effectiveness of interdepartmental coordination and cooperation will have to be strengthened. This means that the policies, activities and measures of individual line ministries will have to be directed towards achieving the goals of the Slovenian Development Strategy 2030. This will be monitored by means of the 29 key indicators of success mentioned, together with the target values, for each of the development objectives.


Minister Alenka Smerkolj: “We are all working towards development in the most diverse range of fields, but integration between them is frequently lacking. It is difficult to find a common path and our objectives are often insufficiently specific – still less are they interconnected or capable of telling us whether we are implementing them successfully. The draft Slovenian Development Strategy 2030 is before us today, which means that we have managed to find a consensus regarding the common objectives, indicators and target values at the line ministry level. We do want to further refine the Slovenian Development Strategy 2030 on the basis of suggestions, opinions and comments received during the public consultation process. We will be conducting this process in an inclusive manner from the very outset. It is important to have everyone’s opinion on such important strategic development issues – issues that will have long-term effects on the life of everyone living in Slovenia."

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