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Press Release


Government to visit inhabitants along the Croatian border and fishermen next week

Government Secretary-General Lilijana Kozlovič today presented the framework starting points for the emergency law relating to the rights and obligations of persons affected by the arbitral award. She first emphasised the government’s commitment upon the announcement of the arbitral award (AA) to pay special attention to the inhabitants of the affected areas upon the enforcement of the award. In that spirit, the granting of rights to 11 Croatian citizens on Slovenian territory who expressed interest therein is also being considered. 


Immediately after the announcement of the AA, administrative units set to work and held 98 discussions with the inhabitants of these areas. On that basis, the government working group identified the needs of the inhabitants and drafted appropriate starting points, which will be presented to the people affected in the next few days. Over the next few days, the government is planning to visit both the inhabitants of areas along the land border and fishermen. 

What does the draft act contain? 


The act relates to both natural and legal persons located in the areas to which the arbitral award relates. The act will allow the inhabitants of these areas to retain all of the rights to which they were entitled before the entry into force of the emergency law, and they will also be entitled to certain new rights under certain conditions. Certain rights will be granted on the basis of assumptions, while others will require documentary evidence. 


The law includes very important provisions relating to specific areas, such as regulation of the inhabitants’ status (e.g. waiving of fees or reimbursement of costs), social transfers, health insurance (e.g. the payment of all contributions for health insurance within the framework of the public healthcare network), farming subsidies, and property ownership (state assistance for entry into the land register). Companies and sole traders with their registered offices in Croatia will have a year to regulate their status in Slovenia, particularly through establishing branch offices. 


Moving allowances


16 households or 35 persons, citizens of both Slovenia and Croatia, have expressed their intention to move to the Slovenian side of the border. They will receive moving allowances which will be determined on an individual basis.

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