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Press Release


Meeting of the Government working group for implementation of Arbitral Tribunal ruling

Further to the decisions adopted at Thursday's Government session on the Final Award of the Arbitral Tribunal, the Government Working Group for the implementation of the Arbitral Tribunal ruling, which operates within the Interdepartmental Coordination Group set up by the Government to coordinate implementation of the ruling, had its first meeting today. The Working Group is made up of representatives of all Ministries.

The Working Group took note of the course of the national border defined by the ruling of the Arbitral Tribunal and identified concrete tasks for the implementation of the ruling that lie within the powers of the different Ministries and Government offices.


The activities of the Ministries are directed towards the adaptation of legislation and the implementation of operational measures, with particular attention being paid to the search for adequate systemic solutions in concrete situations faced by citizens living along the border.


Under the terms of the arbitration agreement, Slovenia and Croatia are obliged to carry out all preparations for implementation within six months of the ruling.

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