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Press Release


Quota-based acceptance of 40 Syrian citizens coming from Turkey

At today’s correspondence session, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia decided to take in, based on the allocated quota, 40 Syrian citizens who all fulfil the refugee status recognition criteria and are coming from Turkey.


In line with a proposal from the Ministry of the Interior, the Government specifies, in accordance with the International Protection Act, the number of persons who can receive the refugee status, and assigns tasks to the ministries, government departments and other state authorities regarding the housing and integration of persons with international protection. A Government’s decision sets forth that tasks from the Implementation plan for the relocation and permanent resettlement should be reasonably taken into account, whereby the inter-ministerial working group appointed by Government's decision of 31 March 2016 must supervise the relocation coordination.


While specifying the number of persons who will be taken in by the republic of Slovenia, the ministry considered the existing commitments for permanent resettlement and relocation, the possibilities of adequate housing options, and the integration capacities.


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