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Report on activities to date in connection with the implementation of the arbitral award

At its session on 31 January 2019, the Slovenian government reviewed the Report on Activities to date in connection with the Implementation of the Arbitral Award between Slovenia and Croatia. 


The government interdepartmental working group for the implementation of the arbitral award, appointed on 6 July 2017, is continuing its duties to date of coordinating the work of the competent ministries and departments on this topic. 


Particular attention in the implementation has been placed on the Act Regulating Certain Issues regarding the Final Award of the Arbitral Tribunal on the basis of the Arbitration Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and the Government of the Republic of Croatia (ZUVRAS). This law directly impacts the most visible aspect of the implementation of the arbitral award – the people on whom the ruling has had a direct effect.


The report presents the activities to date of the governmental departments with respect to regulations adopted, updating of records, and reporting to other bodies, as well as with other procedures connected with the arbitral award. The procedures are mainly being implemented in accordance with the plans, the inhabitants are exercising the rights that have been conferred on them, and for the most part they have already been realised. 


By 27 November 2018, the Ministry of Public Administration had received a total of 37 applications for financial assistance in the selection of a residence, relating to 96 persons and amounting to EUR 2,725,550.00, in the municipalities of Ljutomer (7), Metlika (6), and Piran (24). Applications have been filed by 17 property owners and 20 property users.


A total of 34 decisions have been issued. Of the decisions issued, 30 are final, and payments have been issued on the basis of 26 decisions. The total amount paid out amounts to EUR 1,940,350.00. Another three applications are awaiting decisions, as they are being checked as to whether they meet the statutory conditions for the granting of financial assistance in the selection of a residence. Four administrative disputes have been lodged against the issued decisions.


As of 30 November 2018, 29 applications had been received for compensation due to the reduced level of reimbursement of excise duties, all of which have been resolved. All of the applications but one were approved.


The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food has received and reviewed one application to date, from the Municipality of Metlika to relocate a farm, which was approved.


The ministry has also made funds available for payments of attorneys’ fees relating to legal assistance to fishermen. According to the available data, more than 220 objections have been lodged against fines levied by the Croatian police and inspectorates, and new fines continue to be assessed. Last year’s budget included payments of EUR 48,014.76 for legal assistance to fishermen.

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