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Press Release


Response of PM Cerar to results of the referendum on United Kingdom’s membership in the European Union

Citizens of the United Kingdom voted in a referendum to decide on their future membership in the European Union, and decided they want to leave. While I respect the democratically expressed will of the British people, I also regret it. I am convinced that the European Union should be maintained and further strengthened as a community and a project promoting peace, cooperation, freedom, and safety. The European Union remains, and it must survive even without the United Kingdom, so I will adamantly promote this idea.


I expect that, within the next few days, Prime Minister Cameron will inform us about the United Kingdom's decision to leave the Union and that, pursuant to the Treaty of Lisbon, the exiting procedure from the Union will soon be initiated.


I am convinced that the decision will, after a brief period of relative uncertainty on the international markets, result in additional strengthening of the Union and incentives to carry out its reform that will allow us to face similar challenges more effectively, with a greater measure of solidarity and determination, and in a closer partnership. It is time to once again firmly focus on our common future, particularly on the specific elements that bring benefits for our citizens, connect us, and make us stronger.


Slovenia certainly remains strongly committed to further enhancement of the European Union. As its Member State, it does not expect that United Kingdom exiting the European Union will bring any major direct consequences for Slovenia. The long-term consequences of United Kingdom’s decision, however, will depend on the newly agreed form of cooperation between the UK and EU.

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