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Press Release


Slovenia receives Croatia’s response to lawsuit before EU court on arbitration award

On 4 January 2019, European Court of Justice in Luxembourg sent Slovenia, by official electronic channels, Croatia’s response to the action that Slovenia brought before the court on 13 July 2018 pursuant to Article 259 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU. Slovenia has officially acknowledged receipt of the response.


In its objection, reported in December 2018 by the Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, Croatia rejects the jurisdiction of the EU Court of Justice in this matter. Croatia’s response states in particular that Croatia rejects the validity of the arbitration award and the fact that the border between Slovenia and Croatia was determined by it, and that Croatia’s refusal to respect the arbitration award constitutes a violation of EU law.    


Slovenia respects the arbitration award and has also implemented it in practice. The ruling of the Arbitral Tribunal is binding on both countries under international law and constitutes a final resolution of the border dispute. Croatia’s contention that the border issue is not yet resolved is contrary to the fundamental principles of international law.


Slovenia will study Croatia’s objection to the jurisdiction of the EU Court of Justice and will present its position in writing by the mid-February deadline.

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