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  • Photo: Tamino Petelinšek/STA

    26.01.2018 -

    Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar is concluding his participation at the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, where the central themes of discussion have included ensuring sustainable growth, helping the socially disadvantaged and preserving our green planet. On the first day, Mr Cerar took part in a panel on the circular economy. Talks on day two were to a large extent devoted to Europe and its role in the world, while yesterday Mr Cerar also addressed the international start-up community involved in blockchain technologies.  

  • Photo: Tamino Petelinšek/STA

    24.01.2018 -

    Slovenian prime minister Dr Miro Cerar is attending the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF), which is taking place this year under the title of “Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World”. A number of discussions on various topics will take place at the 48th Forum. The Slovenian prime minister will focus most strongly on the importance of the circular economy for sustainable growth and development, and on a vision for the future of Europe.

  • Foto: STA

    18.01.2018 -

    At today's regular session the Government adopted the draft Act amending the Integrity and Prevention of Corruption Act. The draft amendments improve the legal framework for anti-corruption activities and create conditions and circumstances for more effective work by the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption, in other words a legal framework for the further strengthening of values and principles such as integrity, responsibility, transparency, the rule of law and the public interest.

  • Photo: Tamino Petelinšek/STA

    17.01.2018 - Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar met Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa today in the course of the latter's working visit to Slovenia. Slovenia and Portugal are partners and allies with well-developed, friendly relations. Talks between the two Prime Ministers focused on deepening economic cooperation and the challenges currently facing the European Union.

  • Photo: STA

    12.01.2018 - When taking office the government committed itself to focusing above all on the wellbeing of the public, the economy and society as a whole, and to working together to put the country back on the right path, after the crisis years, to bring the benefits of development to all stakeholders.

  • Photo: Tamino Petelinšek/STA

    11.01.2018 - At today’s session the government adopted its points of departure for negotiations on strike demands by public-sector trade unions, adopted three bills to ensure compliance with the judgment of the arbitration tribunal, adopted a bill for an entirely new court experts, certified appraisers and court interpreters act and was briefed on the first interim report on the work of the interdepartmental task force for resolving planning issues faced by the Roma community.

  • Photo: Bor Slana/STA

    21.12.2017 - At today's regular session the Government of the Republic of Slovenia discussed and adopted decisions relating to the request to the European Commission to amend Slovenia's commitments regarding NLB, the continuation of preparations for implementation of the arbitration agreement, and the process of recognising Palestine.

  • Foto: Mostphotos

    20.12.2017 - The United Nations General Assembly adopted by consensus a resolution declaring 20 May as World Bee Day. Every year on this day, the attention of the global public will be drawn to the importance of preserving bees and other pollinators. People will be reminded of the importance of bees for the entire humanity and invited to take concrete action to preserve and protect them. 

  • Photo: Nebojša Tejić/STA

    19.12.2017 - Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar was in Zagreb today on a working visit. The main topic of the visit was the implementation of the arbitration ruling. In a statement for the press following the meeting, the Prime Minister emphasised that, for Slovenia, respect for and implementation of the arbitration ruling by both countries is the only possible way to resolve the border issue.

  • Photo: Thierry Monasse/STA

    15.12.2017 - As part of the December summit of European leaders in Brussels, Slovenian PM Miro Cerar took part in the meeting of euro area countries on the topic of the future of economic and monetary union, and the meeting of the 27 concerning negotiations over the departure of the UK from the European Union (Brexit). Following the summit he also held a separate bilateral meeting with Croatian PM Andrej Plenković, with whom he agreed that he would visit Zagreb in the coming week.

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