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  • Photo: Tamino Petelinsek/STA

    03.12.2009 - The Government approved draft amendments to the Management of Genetically Modified Organisms Act, the opening positions for Slovenia's participation at the UN Climate Change Conference and the decision to participate in establishing an investment framework for the Western Balkans.

  • Photo: Tamino Petelinsek/STA

    01.12.2009 - Prime Minister Borut Pahor said that 1 December, when the Lisbon Treaty entered into force, was an important day in the history of the EU as he received in Ljubljana the first full-time president of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy. PM believes that Herman Van Rompuy will be absolutely up to the task and that he will be able to slowly build the new European institution. Pahor also finds it important that someone with a feeling for social dialogue and social issues is at the helm of the EU.

  • Photo: Daniel Novakovic/STA

    26.11.2009 - The Government approved draft Act Amending the Election of Slovenian Members to the European Parliament Act, and the Action Plan for the Introduction of a Free Flow Electronic Toll Charging System; agreed to finance development cooperation in the countries of South-East Europe, and approved aid to the Republic of Kosovo in equipping and training fire-fighters in the municipality of Klina.  

  • Photo: Bor Slana/Bobo

    Slovenia and Russia Sign South Stream Agreement

    14.11.2009 - Minister of the Economy Matej Lahovnik and Russian Energy Minister Sergey Ivanovich Shmatko signed in Moscow the agreement on the construction of the Slovenian leg of South Stream, a EUR 10bn gas pipeline with a capacity of about 60 billion cubic metres. Slovenian PM Borut Pahor and Russian PM Vladimir Putin were also present at the signing. The Slovenian section of the pipeline will have a capacity of about 8 billion cubic metres of natural gas and will transport gas into northern Italy or Austria.  

  • Photo: Tamino Petelinšek/STA

    12.11.2009 - The Government approved the Strategy of Slovenia's Participation in International Operations and Missions, discussed entering into an agreement on the construction of the South Stream pipeline and approved the draft amendments to the Act Regulating the Legal Status of Citizens of Former Yugoslavia Living in the Republic of Slovenia.

  • Photo: Bor Slana/Bobo

    11.11.2009 - Prime Minister Borut Pahor, who concluded the first ever official visit by a Slovenian prime minister to Libya, was received by Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi. PM Pahor was accompanied to the meeting with Gaddafi by his Libyan counterpart Baghdadi Mahmudi. The two prime ministers presented to Gaddafi the economic agreements that had been reached.

  • 10.11.2009 - 10.11.2009 - Considering the inclination of Libya to Slovenia and Slovenian companies, the annual trade between the countries could be increased tenfold in the next ten years from the current EUR 150m, Prime Minister Borut Pahor concluded as he met his Libyan counterpart Baghdadi Mahmudi in Tripoli on Tuesday.

  • 09.11.2009 - 9.11.2009 – The second meeting of the Coordination Committee of Ministers of Slovenia and Italy was held in Brdo pri Kranju. It is becoming a regular forum for reviewing cooperation between the partner countries, as both have announced their intention to make such meetings between key ministries a tradition.

  • Photo: Andrej Kriz

    07.11.2009 - More than 170 participants adopted the common 'Ljubljana Declaration: From Reconciliation towards Sustainable Socio-Economic Development'. By adopting the declaration, the participants confirmed their individual and joint responsibility for preserving and promoting the common European cultural heritage. Furthermore, they acknowledged the key role of heritage in the reconciliation and dialogue of cultures, social inclusion, environment protection, and regional and economic development.

  • Photo: Jože Suhadolnik/DELO

    Slovenian Prime Minister Borut Pahor and Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor signed an arbitration agreement

    04.11.2009 - Prime Minister Borut Pahor and his Croatian counterpart Jadranka Kosor signed in Stockholm an arbitration agreement between Slovenia and Croatia.“This is not only a historic day for Croatia, Slovenia and the EU, but for the entire international community. Today we have shown that we solve problems, we do not create them”, said Slovenian Prime Minister Borut Pahor.

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