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Handling forests with care, using water sparingly


Photo: Hiroshi Watanabe-GettyImages/GulliverFilm&Foto
International days such as this year’s International Day of Forests are intended to raise the public’s awareness about the significance and understanding of forests for all generations, while the purpose of World Water Day is to focus on the importance of water and the sustainable management of water resources. Two features should be highlighted in relation to water and forests, which are specific to Slovenia and prove how great a meaning Slovenians attribute to forests and water resources.

Slovenia has abundant water resources, ranking at the very top of Europe in terms of water quantity and quality. In Slovenia, the right to drinking water is protected at the very highest legal instance, as it was included in the Constitution in 2016. Accordingly, everyone has the right to drinking water, and water resources are a public good, serving primarily and sustainably to supply the population with drinking and household water.

Although they help themselves in the long run, Slovenian forests sometimes require help due to natural disasters. The nationwide volunteer reforesting campaign entitled “Let’s Restore the Forests”, which will take place at several locations in Slovenia for the second time this year, will see over 10,000 saplings of various tree species planted, contributing to the restoration of forests and preservation of nature.

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