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Path to a goal


Photo: Remus Kotsell-GettyImages/GulliverFilm&Foto
The European Investment Bank has given the green light to a loan for the Divača–Koper second track project, in this way enabling Slovenia to complete the financial package for this project. As the Minister of Infrastructure explained, approval of the loan is proof that both the EIB and other EU member states have recognised the importance of the project, both for Slovenia and for Europe as a whole.

With the EIB loan, the second track has actually become a European project. The second track is in fact of key importance for Slovenia and the single European market. By approving the loan, the EIB has recognised the importance of the project for the region. This is confirmation that such a railway line to the coast is essential and that the project regards future generations. The EIB’s participation in what is quite an unusual project on the Silk Road is also significant because a number of obstacles, concerns and competing interests had to be overcome in order for it to be accepted.

Or in the legendary words of Nejc Zaplotnik, one of the most charismatic figures in the history of Slovenian mountaineering, who 40 years ago became one of the first two Slovenians to stand on the summit of the world’s highest mountain (the other was Andrej Štremfelj): “He who seeks a goal will remain empty when he reaches it, but he who finds a path will always carry the goal inside.”

EIB approves second track loan

An important new step has been taken towards construction of the second track of the railway line between Koper and Divača. more...

Africa Day Conference in Ljubljana

The eighth annual international Africa Day conference was held in Ljubljana this week. more...

Slovenia fastest in euro area at reducing public debt

From 2015 to 2018, Slovenia reduced its public debt by 12.5 percentage points of GDP, which is the fastest among all the members of the euro area. more...

A great success for successor states

The successor states to the former SFRY jointly sold the premises of the former SFRY embassy and residence in Tokyo for more than 15 million euros. more...

Largest collection of national heritage ever sent to another country

This Thursday saw the opening of the art exhibition “Impressionism from Dawn to Dusk: Slovenian Art 1870–1930” at Prague Castle. more...

Women beekeepers

Beekeeping runs in the Slovenian genes, and many families have a beekeeper in their midst. more...

On top of the world 1979

It is 40 years to the day since Andrej Štremfelj and Nejc Zaplotnik made history as the first Slovenians who reached the summit of the highest mountain in the world. more...

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