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Small can be big



Building deep relations and a honeycomb - both require a lot of work. Photo: Tanjug/STA
In many ways, Slovenia is a small country, which in many respects is also its biggest asset. It is definitely not small in terms of the opportunities that its geographic and strategic position offers to potential domestic and foreign investors, who see Slovenia as a base to enter our and other European markets.

Slovenia is more than interesting to the big economy of China. In the last few days, the biggest Chinese delegation so far, headed by Vice-Premier Wang Yang has been visiting Slovenia. It includes 150 business representatives from different areas (agriculture, construction, energy, tourism). Lately, Chinese companies have been showing great interest in Slovenian companies and Slovenia’s infrastructure.

Considering that China is the second biggest economy in the world, and estimated to become the biggest economic force by 2030, this is definitely a good opportunity for the Slovenian economy.

While we may appear unwelcoming to foreign investors, progress has been made in this respect. Currently, 15 state companies that are very interesting to domestic and foreign investors are being privatised. The government has also focused on reducing red tape, while the public’s opinion about foreign investors has changed slightly and they are not perceived only as a bad omen for the future of a company.

In order to reach economic targets, a lower deficit and achieve fiscal balance, the government must sometimes rely on unpopular measures: taxes. The government seeks to distribute the burden of ending the crisis equally among legal persons and the general population.

Everyone in Slovenia wishes “more honey would flow”, an expression denoting that times are good. The agriculture ministry has taken the expression literally: today we are celebrating Slovenian Food Day with a traditional Slovenian breakfast, where honey should always be on the table.

Visit of the Vice-Premier of the People's Republic of China and extensive business delegation

While bilateral relations are good, there is plenty of room for improvement. Photo: STA
At the invitation of the Slovenian Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, Dejan Židan, the Vice-Premier of the Chinese Government, Wang Yang, visited Slovenia for two days. This is one of the most significant visits of a Chinese politician to Slovenia, and the most extensive business visit in the country’s history. The Chinese delegation was accompanied by 150 reputable Chinese business representatives, including the President of the China Construction Bank, the second biggest bank in China and the fifth biggest in the world, and the Vice-President of the China Railway Corporation, which builds high-speed railways around the world.

In his talks with Vice-Premier Wang Yang, PM Miro Cerar stressed increasing trade between the countries and achieving a balance, as Slovenia can offer its agricultural produce, logistics and transport services, and attract more tourists from China.

Minister Židan urged Chinese investors to be bold and invest in Slovenia, and described bilateral political relations as an appropriate foundation for accelerating economic relations. more...

Amendments to have a positive effect on the budget

At it's session, the Government approved the draft amendments to the Financial Services Tax Act and the Act Amending the Insurance Contracts Tax Act, which are an integral part of the bundle of measures aimed at ensuring that budgetary revenues will reach planned targets in 2015. more...

Alenka Smerkolj, newly-appointed Minister responsible for Development, Strategic Projects and Cohesion

At its regular session, the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia appointed Alenka Smerkolj as the Minister without portfolio responsible for Development, Strategic Projects and Cohesion. more...

Slovenia supports international efforts to ensure appropriate protection of human rights of the elderly

Slovenian foreign minister, Karl Erjavec, met the Independent Expert on the enjoyment of all human rights by older persons, Rosa Kornfeld-Matte. They both agreed that requirements identified in the international legislation on the protection of the rights of older persons should be addressed. more...

Slovenian Food Day celebrated with traditional Slovenian breakfast

Slovenian Food Day is celebrated in Slovenia today. Schools and nurseries have marked it with traditional Slovenian breakfast for the fourth year in the row. This day is also an opportunity to talk with the children about the significance of locally sourced food, healthy lifestyles and nutrition. more...


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