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Let’s turn on the light!


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The Reformation Day and All Saints Day mark the beginning of November in Slovenia, when autumn slowly ends and winter starts. The annual clock shift during this time evokes the feeling that, with shorter days, darkness prevails over light. Perhaps that is why the symbolism of light of both holidays glows that much stronger.

As emphasised by Prime Minister Cerar in his message to the citizens upon this year’s national holiday, the Reformation, which represents a breaking point with the dark Middle Ages, brought renewal and progress to Europe. However, the question is whether we can imagine how bold were the moves of the reformers at the time. What can we, in our era, compare Trubar’s decision to write a book in the Slovenian language with – in a language, which officially did not exist at the time and which people were not allowed to speak in public? Who in today’s Slovenian society dares to step outside of the system and draw attention to its shortcomings with words or deeds?

There certainly are bold and brave people among us. But they are not necessarily the loudest. Perhaps they are coming from an unexpected direction, bearing an image we are not comfortable with. Just as people from Trubar’s village probably did not imagine that he would be remembered 500 years after he had written Cathecism in the Slovenian language.

If we paraphrase the Slovenian poet Fran Miličinski Ježek, who certainly was one of those brave men, we could say: Let’s turn on the light and find them.

Prime Minister to attend the 5th 16+1 summit in Latvia

On Friday and Saturday, 4 and 5 November 2016, Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar will attend in Riga a meeting between leaders of Central and Eastern Europe countries and China. more...

Minister Židan and the economy-sector delegation on a six-day visit to China

Today, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Dejan Židan begins his visit to China, accompanied by the political and economy-sector delegations. The purpose of the visit, which will end on 10 November, is to accelerate the economic and other types of collaboration in the field of agriculture, food industry and forestry. more...

Circular economy as new opportunity for economic growth

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia met on Thursday on a working consultation dedicated to the issues of circular economy. Prime Minister Miro Cerar invited the former European Commissioner and Co-President of the United Nations International Resource Panel (IRP) Janez Potočnik to attend the consultation panel. more...

Reformation Day – remembering the spiritual revival of Europe

Having had a significant and continuous influence on the modern democratic and developmental processes, as well as on the sense of responsibility towards spiritual, economic and cultural development, the Reformation values are now just as topical as ever. more...

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