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Balanced development


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Although a relatively small country, Slovenia is divided into 12 statistical regions. These are of immense importance for a balanced regional development in the country, although some differences can be observed in this respect. The Slovenian regional policy aims to promote a more balanced and even development, decrease the differences among the regions and strengthen the social and economic cohesion. Balanced regional development is also one of the priorities of the Slovenian government.

Some regions have better development potentials than others; however, it is a fact that there will always be certain development divides between the regions. Similarly, differences between the central and the peripheral areas will always exist as well. In line with its regional and development policy, the government makes efforts to overcome such differences and reduce the gaps in regional development. It advocates for a balanced development in regions, while its task is to create conditions for successful economic operation within each region since economic vitality of the entire country is a foundation for economic viability of the regions. The more development across regions is even and balanced and the more closely the principle of sustainability is observed, the greater the quality of life and social well-being for all citizens both in cities and towns as well as in the countryside.

Prime Minister Cerar: I advocate for an evenly paced development across all Slovenian regions

This week, the Slovenian Government was on a two-day visit to south-eastern Slovenia, which included a tour of the Melamin chemical company in Kočevje, a producer of modified melamine resins and decorative melamine films for chipboards, and a stop at the Revoz company in Novo mesto, which is the only serial car producer in Slovenia. more...

PM Miro Cerar attended the 5th 16+1 initiative summit in Riga

Prime Minister Miro Cerar attended a meeting of leaders from Central and Eastern European states in Latvia. more...

Slovenia hoping for continuation of good ties with the US

“I would like to congratulate the President-elect of the United States Donald Trump,” said Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar at Wednesday’s government visit to Otočec in the Dolenjska region. more...

PM Cerar and Ukrainian President Poroshenko: the rule of law is essential for a stable international community

Prime Minister Miro Cerar met with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, who arrived for his official visit to Slovenia. On this occasion, they both confirmed the good political relations between Slovenia and Ukraine, and advocated for greater economic cooperation between the two countries. more...

European Commission upgrades Slovenia's GDP forecast

The European Commission has significantly upgraded Slovenia's economic outlook in its autumn forecast. more...

Slovenia leads in environment preservation in 2016 Legatum Prosperity Index

Slovenia has been ranked first worldwide in terms of quality of natural environment and preservation efforts in the 2016 edition of the Legatum Prosperity Index issued in November. more...

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