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Solidarity is humanity


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Throughout history, migrations have been a bold reflection of an individual's will to overcome a crisis and live a better life. Today, the globalisation and progress in transport and communications caused a rapid increase in the number of people who have both the will and opportunity to move to a place where they can live better. This new era has created challenges as well as opportunities for societies around the globe. The connection between migrations and the development as well as their intermittent influence is becoming an increasingly topical subject.

Migrants are not only refugees, but also people who, in seeking better life, work and education or driven by the desire to be reunited with their families or due to other similar reasons, move from one part of a country, continent or world to another. While it is true that they are not under direct threat, we must not forget that poverty and hunger can both be like a deadly bomb.

Let us also not forget that our ancestors, and even the parents of some of us, were also migrants, who were initially foreigners in some place, perhaps even refugees. And last but not least, we should not forget that every year hundreds, if not thousands of Slovenians, especially young people, migrate abroad in the search of new opportunities offered by the increasingly interconnected world.

The challenges tied to migrations have never been such a burning issue as they are today. Therefore, the entire society should encourage tolerance and respect for human rights as solidarity in the face of adversity is in fact a reflection of humanity.

Protecting the interests of children

At Wednesday’s regular session, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia agreed on a draft Family Code and submitted it to the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia for consideration under the ordinary legislative procedure. more...

PM Cerar with EU leaders on migration and security

After the European Council meeting, Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia Miro Cerar highlighted that the leaders have confirmed their commitment to the EU–Turkey Agreement, as it contributes significantly to decreasing the uncontrolled migration flows in EU. more...

Court settlement in the Šilih case

A court settlement between the Republic of Slovenia and Ivan and Franja Šilih has been reached at the Maribor District Court. The settlement marks the conclusion of court proceedings that have lasted for more than two decades as a result of the tragic death of Gregor Šilih at the Slovenj Gradec General Hospital in 1993. more...

Slovenia on its way to full CERN membership

On Friday, Slovenia and the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) signed an agreement in Geneva, granting Slovenia the status of an associate member. more...

Slovenia's super food

“You don’t have to travel the world to get super food – it is already here. We just have to recognise it and serve it on a plate. Let Slovenian food become part of our everyday meals.” more...

Make new memories

The Slovenian Tourist Board's strategic decision to focus their key 2016–2017 activities on digital content marketing yielded excellent results. more...

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