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On the safe side


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Ten years ago, on 1 January 2007, as the 13th member and the first new country to accede to the EU, Slovenia adopted the euro and bade farewell to the tolar, the first currency of our independent state, which was in use for the first 15 years of statehood. As the first post-transitional newcomer to the Union, Slovenia successfully met all five Maastricht criteria and thus was able to adopt the common currency.

The euro is the second most important currency in the world. It represents an economic area which generates one sixth of global GDP, and is used by our most important business partners, i.e. Germany, Austria and Italy. This broad economic area and its common currency is of considerable benefit for companies, particularly exporters. Although initially experiencing certain price rises, citizens obtained monetary certainty and stability with the euro. The inspiration for the euro symbol (€) derives from the Greek letter epsilon (Є) and the first letter of the word Europe in Latin script, crossed by two parallel lines intended to represent stability.

In the growing uncertainty of the global political and financial landscape, the euro remains our financial future. Its advantages certainly outweigh its deficiencies. The integration of the euro in the small, but open Slovenian economy perhaps also denotes that we are on the safe side.

Key challenges for Slovenian diplomacy

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New measures to lower security risks

At its session on Thursday, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia laid down the text of the proposal to the Act Amending the Aliens Act and submitted it for consideration to the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia for urgent legislative procedure. more...

Slovenia made payments to first savers of the Ljubljanska banka main branch in Sarajevo

Before the end of 2016, the first 142 former foreign currency savers of the Ljubljanska banka Sarajevo main branch were paid €1.5 million. more...

Stat'o'book tells you all you need to know about Slovenia

In the third edition of Stat’o’book the Statistical Office selected the most interesting and topical data, presented them in tables and charts, and together with brief comments transformed them into 22 statistical stories. more...

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