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Each government sets itself priorities. The Slovenian government's priority tasks in 2017 are to improve the functioning of the healthcare system, increase the employability of young people and promote enterprise, creativity and innovation, complete the second railway track and improve other transport infrastructure, strengthen the rule of law and establish Slovenia as a green reference country.

In this, healthcare remains a central priority. The government will continue with the drafting of legislation designed to ensure a more efficient system that is friendlier both to patients and to healthcare employees. The government will also continue to support various investments in the healthcare sector in 2017 and will implement an additional programme to reduce waiting times.

Equally, through the development of lifelong career orientation services and by raising the level of qualifications and skills acquired in non-formal contexts, the government aims to increase the employability of young people. We will also increase the provision of guidance to young people registered as unemployed. With regard to the second track, which is a strategic government project, and the development of other transport infrastructure, the government will strive to ensure that they involve no increase in public debt and a minimum burden on the national budget and taxpayers. An application for funding will be submitted to the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) in February and a call for tenders for preliminary works will be published in spring 2017. The government will also submit a draft law defining the basic conditions and legal framework for the funding, construction and operation of the second track. The government will continue its systemic enhancement of the rule of law through changes that will increase the efficiency and quality of justice bodies and other subsystems. Slovenia will remain a country of optimism and opportunity, with active citizens and an innovative economy. We will continue to promote a culture of cooperation that uses modern digital technologies to improve the quality of life. We will also continue the gradual consolidation of public finances, and implement additional measures to facilitate an even more competitive and attractive business environment. The government will also care for the most vulnerable members of society, reduce the costs of the state and work to ensure, above all, that the public and state administration are at the service of their users.

In pursuing its priorities, Slovenia will boost the fulfilment of existing commitments, and as Prime Minister Miro Cerar underlined, it will work to ensure that it is an evolving state tuned in to the needs and problems of its citizens.

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