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Today is Friday, 28 April, a date which in Slovenia falls between two holidays that, for most of us, traditionally signify the start of the warmer part of the year, when – along with many of our neighbours from further north – we migrate en masse to the Croatian coast and back.

This year we are all more than usually on edge as we wait to depart. Unfortunately, this travel fever is not only caused by an impatient desire for a holiday: there is also an element of worry about the situation at the border and how long we will have to wait. Yet implementation of the EC regulation at the external Schengen border represented by the national border between Slovenia and Croatia is not only causing problems for tourists who want to reach their destination. Above all, it affects those people living on either side of the border in the vicinity of the border crossings and along the roads leading to them.

When this regulation was being drafted, several months before its adoption, Slovenia proposed the introduction of milder measures, in the full awareness of what its implementation would mean in practice. Unfortunately, however, it failed to convince the majority of EU member states, who voted in favour of the regulation, while both Croatia and Slovenia abstained. As the Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar stated in a recent interview, "this is a common measure of the European Union as a whole designed to increase the security of all of us" and as a member of the Schengen system, Slovenia has an obligation to protect the borders. When possible, however, it can and will apply milder measures, the Prime Minister added. This is also the reason why PM Cerar wrote to EC President Jean-Claude Juncker on Tuesday and expressed his expectation that the European Commission will lay down concrete guidelines to improve the flow of traffic at border crossings on Slovenia's southern border.

However. Wrapped in the cotton wool of our comfortable Central European daily lives, we easily forget why we celebrate International Workers' Day and the Day marking the start of the wartime resistance movement – despite the fact that workers' rights and peace and security are less and less something that can be taken for granted.

Perhaps we will find time to think about this as we wait in the queue at the border.

ECtHR decision: Slovenia fully and properly executes the judgement in Ališić case

Slovenia welcomes the decision of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) issued today in the case Hodžić v. Slovenia. After examining the measures adopted by Slovenia for the implementation of the pilot judgement in the Ališić case regarding LB foreign-currency deposits, the ECHR held that Slovenia fully and properly executes the judgement. more...

Minister Erjavec on a working visit to the Holy See

Slovenian Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec was on a working visit to the Holy See. There he met with the Holy See's Secretary for Relations with States, Paul Richard Gallagher.   more...

Economic growth remains the key goal

The Government has adopted the National Reform Programme 2017–2018 and an amendment to the Stability Programme 2017. Both documents will be sent to the European commission together with the Ordinance on the framework for the preparation of budgets 2018–2020. more...

Ljubljana Declaration: Scaling up social economy enterprises in SSE

“Social economy is an increasingly important economic sector that brings innovative and sustainable jobs,” stated Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar in his opening address at the Regional conference on the development of the social economy in South East Europe, held in Ljubljana on 24th and 25th of April 2017, which gathered 160 participants from 20 countries. more...

Frost damage: First estimates point to considerable damage to individual crops

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia has taken note of the first information on the damage to crops caused by frost on 20 and 21 April 2017. On the nights of 21 and 22 April the whole of Slovenia experienced low temperatures, which in places were far below freezing (-6 °C). Although it is too early for more concrete estimates, it currently appears that the worst damage will be in fruit orchards. more...

Freedom must not be taken for granted

On Wednesday, 26 April 2017, on the eve of the national holiday marking the uprising against the occupying forces, an official national celebration took place at the Delavski Dom cultural centre in Trbovlje. Uprising Against Occupation Day commemorates the creation of the Liberation Front, the principal Slovenian resistance organisation during the Second World War. more...

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