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An open path


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On 1 May the European Union marked the thirteenth anniversary of the major enlargement that saw ten new member states join the EU. This fifth round of enlargement was also the moment that Slovenia joined the great European family.

In view of the current internal problems of the Union, further enlargement has been placed on the back burner for some time. It is certainly unrealistic to expect a larger, expanded European family before 2020, and even then a major question mark remains over the enlargement process. The thirteenth year after ten central and eastern European countries joined the EU is marked by Brexit – a development that represents the first dismantling of the European project – and by fear of rising populism and Euroscepticism in a year of elections in a series of key EU member states.

The belief that the EU is still our common path, preferable to all others currently on offer, was also expressed by Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar following the EU summit on Brexit last Saturday. In his opinion it is extremely important to be aware that we are all members of a single European family and to maintain open the process via which the countries of the Western Balkans and other countries can gradually be included in the European story and meet the conditions for accession. Despite everything, the EU promises that its doors remain open.

More detailed guidelines for systematic border checks at Slovenia's suggestion

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