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Europe Day


Source: Banksy
It was 67 years ago that we saw the birth of what is now the European Union, a union of 28 member-states that could well be the greatest fount of peace, human rights and welfare in the world. But it has been on trial this whole time. The years of the financial crisis and then the refugee crisis exposed the weaknesses in Europe’s current arrangements, and increased tensions between north and south and between east and west.

Europe has overcome numerous crises in recent years, and now faces the first steps of disintegration in its history. Brexit might have been a rude awakening, but it has also brought Europe together. After the initial shock of learning that the first disintegration in the history of the union lies ahead, Europe recovered. It closed ranks, and the member-states made serious and constructive preparations for negotiations with the British government. This was a good start.

In the opinion of Slovenia’s prime minister, Miro Cerar, the departure of one of the member-states could actually strengthen us. He believes that Brexit could make us even stronger, as long as we focus on people’s needs, and not on their fears. The future of the European Union must be based on integration and ensuring better conditions for living. The future of Slovenia and that of the European Union are inseparably interwoven.

Perhaps Banksy, the most famous street artist of them all, whose identity is still the most closely guarded secret in the art world, was wrong when his latest mural in the port of Dover showed the European Union crumbling?

Government visits Savinja region

“The development potential of the Savinja region, due to its already achieved level of economic development, strategic location, extensive cultural heritage and natural attractions, is exceptional,” said Prime Minister Miro Cerar, who visited the Savinja region on 9 and 10 May together with several ministers. more...

A development and positioning opportunity for Slovenia

The Second International Conference on the Circular Economy – the Circular Change Conference – was held in Ljubljana and Maribor on Thursday and Friday. more...

The region's largest startup event

The 37th two-day Podim conference took place in Maribor on Wednesday and Thursday. more...

Meeting of Government representatives with mayors of municipalities with a Roma population

A meeting took place on Monday between representatives of the Government and the mayors or other representatives of municipalities that are home to members of the Roma community. more...

Foreign Ministers Erjavec and Gabriel rate cooperation between Slovenia and Germany as excellent

Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec and his German counterpart Sigmar Gabriel held talks in Berlin in which they assessed bilateral cooperation between Slovenia and Germany as excellent on all levels, but they agreed that it could be further enhanced. more...

Slovenian Food Day in Washington DC

Schools in Washington DC celebrated International Food Day on 10 May as part of an ongoing project by District of Columbia Public Schools. more...

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