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The ageing population, overpopulation, climate change, increased flows of migration and widening differences between rich and poor are the greatest challenges of modern societies. Resolving energy and environmental issues and addressing issues related to demographic changes should be the main priorities of every country.

The number of older people in Slovenia has been growing ever since the middle of 2003. Slovenia is one of the European Union Member States that will have an above-average proportion of the population aged over 65 years by 2021. The changes in the age structure of the population will have a significant influence on the labour market, on social services, on the education system and in the areas of housing, spatial and regional policy. Equally, the changes in the age structure will demand solidarity, equality, social justice and the adaptation of society as a whole. Indeed society will need to be united in the conviction that older people are not a burden, but rather a mine of knowledge and experience.

With the aim of ensuring a good quality of life for all generations, the Slovenian Government has adopted the draft Strategy for a Long-Lived Society. The Strategy aims to provide the current young and middle-aged generations with income and material security upon their transition to old age, and to ensure for all inhabitants a high quality of ageing and for old people the greatest possible independence, and through intergenerational cooperation to exploit the knowledge and experience of all generations. The Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar is convinced that in fulfilling the Strategy for a Long-Lived Society, Slovenia will be a fair, creative, intelligent, green, healthy and active country.

PM Miro Cerar warns of the negative consequences of a referendum on the second track project

Prime Minister Miro Cerar has reiterated at a press conference that there must not be a referendum on the Act on the second track of the Divača–Koper railway line. more...

Strategy for a Long-Lived Society

On Thursday, 18 May 2017, a presentation and discussion of the draft Strategy for a Long-Lived Society was held in Ljubljana. more...

The world of bees

Slovenia is recognised in Europe as the heart and soul of beekeeping. Since 2014 it has been working to have 20 May proclaimed as World Bee Day. more...

International forum on participation in the construction of a 21st century Silk Road

Economic Development and Technology Minister Zdravko Počivalšek and State Secretary at the Ministry of Infrastructure Jure Leben attended the "Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation" in Beijing on Monday. more...

Slovenia hosts 6th Africa Day International Conference

Organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its partners, the two-day Africa Day International Conference is taking place at Brdo pri Kranju. more...

One of the biggest technology and business events in Slovenia

Tuesday marked the official opening in Portorož of the NT Conference, one of the biggest annual technology and business events in Slovenia. more...


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