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Life is not the same without 'potica'


Photo: Tomo Jeseničnik
Dear readers,

A week full of important domestic and international events is behind us. But according to some news reports many of you were searching the internet how to make Slovenian 'potica'. You won't regret baking the delicious queen of festive dishes. And we are pleased to help you with the recipe.

Ingredients for the dough: 500 g white flour - 30 g yeast - 120 g butter - 80 g sugar - 3 yolks - 2,5 dl milk - rum - lemon or orange peel - vanilla essence - salt

Put flour in abowl, sifted if you like, add salt. In a cup dissolve the yeast in water or milk and in another cup mix the eggs, sugar, rum, vanilla essence, lemon or orange peel. Healt milk, melt fat. Add hot milk to the flour, stir and add the mixture of eggs, sugar, rum and aromas. Stir again, add dissolved yeast and fat and stir into a medium thick dough. Knead until it is elastic inside and smooth on the outside. Make sure the dough does not stick to the bowl and that it is not too hard. Cover the dough with a PVC sheet and leave to rise. Dough should always rise at room temperature. With rising the quantity of the dough should double. Knead it once and roll it out and spread it with the filling.

Ingredients for the filling: 500 g ground walnuts - 100 g sugar - 100g honey - 1 dl milk - 2 eggs - vanilla essence - ground cinnamon - ground cloves - lemon peel - rum

Melt honey in tepid milk, and then add one half of walnuts, sugar, eggs, aromas, spices and rum. Spread the filling on the rolled-out dough and sprinkle with the other half of walnuts. The temperature of the filling should be equal to that of the dough. Roll tightly, put in a mould, prick and leave to rise. Before baking, coat with a thin layer of milk and egg mixture – make sure the holes are not stopped. Bake 50 minutes at 190°C.

PM Cerar at the NATO summit: Slovenia is a strong ally committed to common values

Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar attended the NATO summit in Brussels yesterday. This meeting of NATO heads of state and government was the first to take place in the Alliance's new headquarters, which was formally opened at yesterday's gathering. The focus of attention at the summit was the strengthening of NATO's role in the fight against terrorism, the sharing of burdens among Alliance members and the confirmation of strong transatlantic ties. Speaking after the meeting, Prime Minister Cerar said that the summit confirmed the commitment of Alliance members to working closely together in tackling security challenges. more...

25 years of Slovenia's UN membership and Slovenian Diplomacy Day

25 years ago today, Slovenia joined the UN, which was a high point in its efforts to gain independence. With membership of this important international organisation, Slovenia became an equal member of the international community. Given the importance of this achievement for Slovenian foreign policy, 22 May was declared Diplomacy Day. more...

Several draft Acts adopted at Government session

The Government adopted the draft Spatial Management Act, the draft Act amending the Maritime Code and the draft Prešeren Prize Act at Wednesday's session. It also took note of the Report on activities implemented and further measures to be taken in connection with the fire at the Kemis factory in Vrhnika. more...

Prime Minister receives Austrian Federal President

Prime Minister Dr Miro Cerar received the Federal President of Austria, Dr Alexander Van der Bellen, who was on an official visit to Slovenia upon the invitation of Slovenian President Borut Pahor. more...

Slovenian and Estonian PM's for a united and solid European Union

PM Miro Cerar and his Estonian counterpart Jüri Ratas, agreed at a working meeting in Ljubljana that a strong and united EU was the only alternative for Europe. Estonian Prime Minister Ratas said striving for unity will be the priority of the upcoming Estonian EU presidency in the second half of the year. more...

EC recommendations to Slovenia expected

“The recommendations published on Monday by the European Commission were expected,” the Ministry of Finance offered in response to the Commission recommendations. “We are very glad that in this year’s recommendations the Commission focuses even more on key challenges, while at the same time we see that the Commission has recognised the Government’s efforts to date, which are concentrated principally on the short term. We agree with the Commission that there is also a need to continue the consolidation of public finances in the longer term, but gradually. Here, given the cyclical nature of the Slovenian economy, the Commission intends to apply the permitted free judgement, meaning confirmation of the appropriate efforts of Slovenia regarding the inapplicability of the Commission assessment of Slovenia’s cyclical position. more...

Support from the Slovenian Government for the SINCRO.GRID project

Representatives of the companies ELES, HOPS, SODO and HEP-ODS were in Brussels today to sign a grant agreement for the SINCRO.GRID project. This smart grids project, which receives 40.5 million euros of funding from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), is one of 18 key projects in the energy infrastructure projects field which the European Commission has proposed to member states for adoption. more...

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