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A historic moment


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The Arbitral Tribunal has determined the border on land and sea between Slovenia and Croatia. This is a decision of the utmost importance, said the Prime Minister following the announcement of the ruling, adding that this was a historic moment for Slovenia. He stressed that this is a final and legally binding ruling for both countries, and gave an assurance that he would be committed to its consistent implementation.

The unresolved issue of the border has for too long burdened relations between the two countries. It is now vital for those living along the border to get clear answers to the questions that affect their everyday life. The Government will provide clarification of the ruling as soon as possible for citizens in the border area, and together will seek solutions which in the new cases presented to the people on the border will ease their living situation as much as possible and ensure the rights they have enjoyed to date. One of the necessary steps is the amendment of laws and other legal documents. And in its further steps towards implementation, Slovenia will be guided by the principles of a lawful, gradual, proportionate and patient approach.

In this implementation the Government and its Prime Minister will strive to establish dialogue and a common language between Slovenia and Croatia, two friendly countries. For the benefit of continued good neighbourly relations and for the benefit of future generations. The Slovenian Government will begin with an invitation to Croatia to pursue joint implementation.

By adhering to the arbitration ruling Slovenia will enhance its international standing as a country that respects international law and the peaceful resolution of disputes, added the Prime Minister. At the same time he emphasised that the arbitration ruling serves to establish a foundation for hope that both countries will be able to work constructively and cooperatively towards the final demarcation of the mutual border in accordance with the adopted ruling. Meanwhile, in his view this is also an opportunity for both countries to increase their mutual trust through dialogue.

PM Miro Cerar: The historic moment for Slovenia has arrived

After four years of work, the Arbitral Tribunal in The Hague on Thursday issued its final award regarding the land and maritime border between Slovenia and Croatia, which the two countries have been unable to define since becoming independent. more...

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Assessment of skills in Slovenia

This week, the final report on the assessment of skills among adults in Slovenia was released. more...

Exhibition: Neue Slowenische Kunst, From Kapital to Capital

On Tuesday, Slovenian President Borut Pahor and Spanish King Felipe VI opened an exhibition by Neue Slowenische Kunst at the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid: From Kapital to Capital. more...

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