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A week has passed since the award of the Arbitral Tribunal that ruled on the maritime and land border between Slovenia and Croatia. Slovenia is preparing for its implementation, since on publication of the award it clearly stated that it would accept and respect it, in that it is final and legally binding on both countries, Slovenia and Croatia, and must be implemented.

The Government welcomes the position of the European Commission, which this week advocated respect for the decision of the Arbitral Tribunal and its implementation on both sides. Slovenia enjoys strong international support, as well as that of the European Commission, with Germany and the Benelux countries expressing their support in recent days. Slovenia sees the support of the international community above all as a call to respect international law and the arbitration agreement.

Accepting and respecting the arbitration award also serves as a model for the peaceful and legal resolution of disputes across the wider region. An agreement between two neighbours in the region would have a positive effect on the stability of conditions in this area.

Slovenia will implement the award gradually, prudently, legally and carefully. In the spirit of the good neighbourly relations and friendship that exist between the two countries, Slovenia has already invited Croatia to dialogue regarding the next joint steps to be taken in connection with the implementation of the award. The first opportunity for this will be on 12 July, when the prime ministers of the two countries meet in Ljubljana.

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After the announcement of the award of the Arbitration Tribunal concerning the border between Slovenia and Croatia, Slovenia is now preparing to implement it. more...

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