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As in the past 12 years, the Strategic Forum was the focal point in Bled at the beginning of September. One of the most important international conferences in the region joined politicians, economists and scientists in discussions about the new challenges connected with digitalisation and globalisation. The Bled discussions at the Bled Strategic Forum, one of the most important foreign policy events in Slovenia, were held this year in the light of a new understanding of reality.

The fils rouge of this year’s forum was the European Union in a changing world, the issue of its expansion into the Balkans, migration in the Mediterranean, security issues in a time of a wave of global terrorism and environmental and technological issues.

The forum was also an excellent opportunity for numerous bilateral meetings, at which Slovenia’s most pressing foreign policy issue – arbitration – was at the forefront. Slovenia used the opportunity of its largest political, diplomatic and economic summit to present its main message: the arbitral award, which is binding in international law, must be respected. Slovenian political leaders were unanimous in calling for the implementation of the ruling on the border between Slovenia and Croatia. Prime Minister Cerar was clear on this point: Slovenia is determined to implement the ruling of the arbitration tribunal which determined the border between the two countries, of course in a dialogue with Croatia, but this will not happen without respect for the rule of law.

This year’s Bled Strategic Forum tackles new perceptions of reality

The challenges presented by new ways of looking at the world were at the forefront of discussions at the 12th Bled Strategic Forum (BSF), one of Slovenia’s most important foreign policy events. more...

PM Miro Cerar: Slovenia will implement the arbitration ruling. It expects Croatia to do the same.

Slovenia's political leaders are unanimous that Slovenia will implement the arbitration ruling regarding the border with Croatia within the deadline. more...

Huge progress for Slovenia in the past two years

In its latest economic survey for Slovenia, which it produces for member states every two years, the OECD finds that Slovenia has taken huge strides forward in the last two years and has made exceptional progress. more...

Prime Minister Cerar hosted Italian Prime Minister Gentiloni in Ljubljana

Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar welcomed President of the Italian Council of Ministers Paolo Gentiloni to Ljubljana on Thursday for a working visit. more...

The written word enriches us

Nearly half a million Slovenians have a library card. And home-grown literature takes precedence. more...

Photographic exhibition »I Feel Slovenia. I Feel Culture.« at Bled in Slovenia

After being shown in Warsaw and Prague, the outdoor exhibition “I Feel Slovenia, I Feel Culture” is currently on display in Bled, the pearl of the Julian Alps. more...

Slovenia's active role in Mediterranean

A round-table discussion, a photographic exhibition and a regional forum got under way on Monday in Ljubljana as part of a joint effort by the Foreign Ministry and the Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI) to highlight Slovenia's active role in theMediterranean. more...

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