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The results of the three years of work of the government of Prime Minister Miro Cerar show just what the government can accomplish when it has a clearly defined goal – the wellbeing of citizens, businesses and the society as a whole. The country is in such good shape that Slovenia is now experiencing both continuous economic growth and steady reduction of unemployment, including among young people, mainly on account of the active employment policy.

The government has also begun work on one of Slovenia’s largest infrastructure projects, the construction of the second track on the Divača-Koper rail line, which it succeeded in rescuing from a dead end after more than two decades of effort by all of the past governments. It has designed a project which represents an enormous development opportunity for Slovenia and which according to initial estimates will create more than 9,000 new jobs.

Furthermore, the government has also found success in other areas: it has brought back the culture of dialogue to society and has eliminated the policy of division and exclusion. We are too often unaware of how our culture of dialogue accompanies us at every step in our everyday lives, and that better mutual understanding starts with the individual.

Third Anniversary of Miro Cerar Government

Pursuit of the goal of the well-being of citizens, businesses and society as a whole, combined with persevering work, has resulted in a successful three years of activity by the Government of Prime Minister Miro Cerar. more...

Government working group meets inhabitants of border areas to discuss implementation of arbitration ruling

The Government's working group for the implementation of the final award of the Arbitral Tribunal, led by Government Secretary-General Lilijana Kozlovič, has met the inhabitants of the areas affected by the arbitration ruling. more...

Emergency law on the rights and obligations of persons affected by the arbitral award

Government Secretary-General Lilijana Kozlovič presented the framework starting points for the emergency law relating to the rights and obligations of persons affected by the arbitral award last Friday. more...

Celje International Trade and Business Fair – A hub of small business and enterprise

Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar and Croatian Deputy Prime Minister Martina Dalić formally opened the jubilee 50th edition of the Celje International Trade and Business Fair on Wednesday, 12 September. more...

A confirmation of work done to date

Last Friday ratings agency Moody's upgraded Slovenia's government bond ratings from Baa3 to Baa1. more...

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