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Intergenerational trust and solidarity


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Two events are happening this week which are both related to seniors in society. The 17th Third Age Festival, which we can call the largest event for seniors in Europe and a unique event for seniors in Slovenia, is held close to 1 October every year, when we celebrate the International Day of Older Persons.

One of the key challenges of modern Slovenian society are the demographic changes which are changing the age structure of the Slovenian population. The proportion of persons over 65 is growing, and life expectancy is increasing. The rapid demographic changes which we are facing will only increase in the coming years. Adaptations will therefore be necessary in many areas: the labour market, education and training, systems of social protection, the living and working environment, and civil and political participation.

Despite the increasingly favourable economic conditions and decreasing unemployment, these positive trends do not affect all population groups equally. Poverty among older people, particularly singles, is still slightly higher than among the general population. The Social Security Benefits Act, which eliminated notes on real estate, has expanded the circle of holders of rights to social security supplements. Through the changes to pension legislation, which guarantee a monthly pension of at least EUR 500 and which will enter into force on 1 October, the state is working to improve the situation of certain pensioners and thus contribute to reducing poverty among the elderly.

This year, the Government adopted the draft of the Strategy for a Long-Lived Society, which emphasises health, activity and creativity in all stages of life. The new approach is expected to go beyond the traditional division of activities that are characteristic of individual periods of life, and to respond to the challenges of the changing demographic conditions. The objective of the strategy is the wellbeing and quality of aging of all inhabitants of Slovenia.

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