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Shovels planted


Plans for the proposed Magna Steyr paint shop. Photo: Gregor Mlakar/STA
An agreement marking the largest greenfield investment in the history of independent Slovenia was signed on Tuesday. By signing an agreement on one of the largest investment projects in Slovenia to date – for a paint plant near Maribor – and receiving state financial stimulus amounting to EUR 18.6 million, the Canadian-Austrian firm Magna has committed to investing at least 100 million euros and creating at least a thousand jobs over the next five to ten years.

The signing of the agreement, which means that the Slovenian operations of large car producers will now include the Štajerska region, which has been home to the car industry in the past, creates the possibility for the industry to once again flourish in the area, which will primarily benefit people who will be able to work in their home country and will no longer have to cross the border to go to work. Magna’s investment will not solve Štajerska’s economic and social issues overnight, but it is an important element of the economic, social and other forms of progress in the municipality, the region and in Slovenia as a whole.

Magna Steyr officially commits to building a production facility and creating many new jobs

On Tuesday, 17 October 2017 was signed an agreement on strategic investment implementation and a €18.6 million financial incentive to be allocated by the Slovenian state for the first phase of the project. more...

Several draft acts related to arbitral award implementation

At Wednesday’s session, the Government finalised the text of the draft Act Regulating Certain Issues regarding the Final Award of the Arbitral Tribunal on the basis of the Arbitral Agreement. more...

eCall Saves Lives

While all new cars in the EU will have to be equipped with an eCall system from April 2018 onwards, in Slovenia we have also developed a system for cargo vehicles. more...

Cars with internal combustion engines to be phased out in Slovenia by 2030

After 2030, cars with an internal combustion engine running on petrol or diesel will no longer be eligible for first-time registration in Slovenia. more...

18 October – EU Anti-Trafficking Day

The European Commission has proclaimed 18 October as EU Anti-Trafficking Day in order to increase awareness of the phenomenon, in which the victims are fundamentally deprived of their human rights. more...

World Food Day

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has devoted World Food Day, which falls on 16 October, to the relationship between migration and food security. more...

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