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2015 – a breakthrough year for Slovenia?



First 100 days in office: PM Cerar is convinced that 2015 will be a landmark year and a serious breakthrough for the better will be seen. The country will start to leave the crisis behind. Photo: Mostphotos
“The measures that we are taking now should mean an improvement,” said PM Miro Cerar at a press conference to mark 100 days of the new government. He highlighted the stabilisation of the political area as the crucial achievement of the last three months. By creating conditions for greater dialogue, the government has not only contributed to greater social peace in Slovenian society, but also to a more positive international image. This also influenced the S&P rating agency’s decision to upgrade Slovenia’s long-term prospects from negative to stable a few days ago. According to Mr Cerar, there are also signs of returning confidence in economic growth (the Institute of Macroeconomic Analysis and Development improved the forecast of economic growth to 2.5 per cent of GDP this year), lower financing costs, lower unemployment and Slovenia becoming a more attractive environment for investment.

Among the government’s crucial projects so far, Mr Cerar mentioned the revised budget for 2014 and 2015 and continuing privatisation, while highlighting the draft act on the fiscal rule among efforts at fiscal consolidation. Moreover, Mr Cerar said that Slovenia seriously intended to overhaul institutional structures, where it does not operate well, and where corruption, irrational public expenditure and other irregularities occur.

The demanding measures being prepared by the government seek to improve and maintain the existing credibility, establish a sustainable financial system and a favourable business environment. PM Miro Cerar is convinced that Slovenia will see the first major improvements in 2015 and gradually overcome the crisis.


The editorial team of Slovenia Weekly is saying goodbye until Friday 9 January and wishes you a happy and successful start to the new year. Happy 2015!

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