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Slovenia Weekly

Encouraging growth


Photo: Mostphotos
Following the 3.1% economic growth last year, both domestic and international institutions keep revising their forecasts for Slovenia upwards. In mid-2017, the forecast was readjusted to ca. 3.5%, while the autumn forecasts rose to 4% and above. The OECD forecasts suggest that Slovenia is at the very top of Europe in terms of economic growth.

With 16.6% growth, Slovenia is not only the reigning European champion when it comes to basketball, its economic growth makes it one of the most developed European countries in the OECD. The above figure shows just how much the Slovenian GDP growth is expected to pick up during the period 2015–2019 according to OECD’s analysts (growth of 8.4% growth is forecast for the euro area during the same period).

To create an even more appealing and predictable business environment that is conducive to further economic growth in our country, the Act on Investment Incentives was adopted by the Slovenian government at one of its recent sessions, the aim of which is to attract investors to make long-term investments in the territory of Slovenia. In addition to introducing suitable incentives and other activities aimed at encouraging investment, the act treats domestic and foreign investors equally, stipulates the priority treatment of strategically important investments for the state and envisages support for those investments that are geared towards the long term. In accordance with the act, just over €24 million is to be provided for the purpose of encouraging investment over the next two years.

PM at summit of Central and Eastern European countries and China

Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar this week attended the summit of Central and Eastern European countries and China (the so-called 16+1 initiative). more...

Government addresses excess packaging and ammendemsts to legislation for higher-quality bilingual school system

At it’s regular session, the government determined the wording of the amendment to the Act Regulating Special Rights of Members of the Italian and Hungarian Ethnic Communities in the Field of Education. more...

Foreign Minister Erjavec on official visit in Romania and Georgia

Slovenian Minister of Foreign Affairs Karl Erjavec was in Bucharest on Monday for an official visit at the invitation of Romanian Foreign Minister Teodor Meleşcanu. more...

Koper-Divača rail project wins EUR 109m in EU funds

The project to build a new railway track between the port of Koper and Divača has been awarded EUR 109m in a Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) blending call. more...

Exceptional discovery of a new gene for premature ageing

Scientists and researchers of the Clinical Institute of Medical Genetics at the UKC Ljubljana hospital have discovered a new gene for premature ageing as part of an international research group. more...

Forbes list: Slovenia fourth best country for women

The best country for women is Iceland, while Slovenia ranks fourth among the 152 surveyed countries on a list published this month by the US business magazine Forbes. more...


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