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From 1 January 2018 on, Slovenia will hold the presidency of the United Nations Human Rights Council, which was founded in 2006. Slovenia’s term at the head of the UN Human Rights Council will last one year, during which time the primary focuses will be the effectiveness of the work of the council, the level of trust in its work, and improving the level of dialogue and trust within the organisation.

During the time when Slovenia was establishing itself as an independent country, a great deal of attention was paid to building a political and legal system which afforded citizens full respect for and protection of their human rights and fundamental freedoms. Therefore it is no surprise that human rights have been a key component of Slovenian foreign policy practically from the very beginning.

Working within the framework of international organisations and other multilateral mechanisms is an invaluable opportunity for Slovenia to play a visible and recognisable role in the international community. The topic of human rights is clearly an area in which Slovenia in just over 25 years has gained a reputation and more importantly a place within the system of the United Nations, the Council of Europe and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe among the leading advocates for the development, respect for and protection of human rights. But in the area human rights and fundamental freedoms there is always work to be done.

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