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Credibility, the key to Slovenia's success



Greater need for security. Photo: Mostphotos
The year behind us was demanding in many ways, but it also brought some success. We are particularly happy with the success achieved in finance and the economy, where the economic indicators have improved and become positive. Naturally, several issues and dilemmas remain for which the Slovenian government will have to find appropriate, credible responses. In order to implement structural reforms and austerity measures, it will have to gain wide social consensus and the cooperation of social partners. The government faces many challenges in investments, health reform and foreign policy, where Slovenian diplomacy is already hard at work. At the recent annual three-day consultations, the 19th in a row, the discussions centred mainly on Slovenia's international role, the significance of economic diplomacy and taking a coordinated approach to international activities. They also focused on security issues, which are especially justified in the light of the atrocities committed by terorrists in France this week. The Slovenian Prime Minister strongly condemned the attack on media freedom, which is a crucial achievement of civilisation. In this respect, foreign minister Erjavec highlighted dialogue as the basic tool of the policy of peace.

One of the main topics and the central theme of this year’s discussion was the work of economic diplomacy, which is an important tool for developing the economy. "We seek to open new markets, because, in addition to investments, only exports can save Slovenia: So we are also seeking suitable investors in foreign markets,” said foreign minister Karl Erjavec. Slovenia has an exceptional geo-strategic position at the crossroads of corridors V and X. As one of the promising markets, the minister mentioned Central Europe, particularly due to the connection with Asia via the Port of Koper.

Slovenia must become a credible country again. In recent years, the economic, financial and social crises have affected the country’s reputation, which must be improved again. According to Prime Minister Miro Cerar, this is a crucial prerequisite for making Slovenia a credible, trustworthy and development-oriented country again, which can be open without fear for its existence. Credibility is also a decisive factor for the reputation and successful performance of Slovenia abroad. In this respect, Mr Cerar reiterated that it was time to re-define foreign policy and strategic goals and ways to achieve them. Here, the EU remains the primary framework of the country’s political and economic development and Slovenia should be an active component.

Economic diplomacy as a key to economic development

At the very beginning of the new year, Slovenian diplomats met at the 19th consultations of Slovenian diplomacy to discuss crucial substantive challenges in Slovenian foreign policy. Prime Minister Miro Cerar reminded the participants of the significance of credibility, particularly in international relations. Since one of the government’s major tasks is economic recovery, he also said that Slovenia is on the right track. more...

Slovenian government condemns terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo

At yesterday’s session, the Slovenian government discussed the security situation in Slovenia after the terrorist attack on the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo in Paris. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Administration Boris Koprivnikar told the press after the government session that Slovenia is a safe country, but it is not immune to such terrorist threats and takes them “very, very seriously”. In this respect, the National Security Council will meet to estimate the security situation in Slovenia. more...

Zero tolerance towards corruption

The government has adopted an overhauled programme of measures to prevent corruption in 2015-2016 period under the slogan “Zero tolerance towards corruption”. The Minister of Public Administration Boris Koprivnikar underlined greater transparency of the functioning of the government and said that the measures referred not only to ministries and the bodies of the ministry, but also to business entities in which the state is the majority or sole owner. more...

Slovenia actively contributes to European Year for Development 2015

The beginning of this year also marks the beginning of the European Year for Development 2015 in Slovenia and other EU member states. In Slovenia, the opening event will be the Slovenian Development Days between 22 and 26 January 2015, in which foreign minister Karl Erjavec and European Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development Neven Mimica will also participate. The event will also mark the tenth anniversary of Slovenia’s international development cooperation. more...

Slovenia protects Carniolan sausage in the EU

Slovenia has protected the Carniolan sausage or kranjska klobasa in the EU. The European Commission has approved its entry on the list of over 1,200 agricultural products with protected geographical indication (PGI). According to Brussels, this is the 22nd Slovenian product registered with the European Commission. It is also the 11th PGI product from Slovenia. more...

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