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For the well-being of people, the economy and society


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When taking office the Government committed itself to focusing above all on the well-being of people, the economy and society as a whole and, after years of crisis, to putting the country back on a path that will bring the benefits of development to all stakeholders. And the results show a positive picture. The competitiveness of Slovenia's business environment and its attractiveness to foreign investment are increasing, and with them employment opportunities.

Worth highlighting among the Government's achievements is the fall in unemployment, particularly youth unemployment, which has halved under this Government. Economic growth will exceed 4.4% this year.

In addition to the measures implemented to restructure over-indebted firms, allowing them to stay in business and preserve jobs, there has also been a sustained reduction in corporate indebtedness. Funds for investment in roads infrastructure have increased and there has been an upturn in education funding. The Government has also earmarked an additional 18–20 million euros for science spending in 2018.

Another significant fact is that to date the Government has used EU funding to support more than 270 projects, programmes and public tenders with a total value of 1.7 billion euros and common objectives: growth, raising living standards, and new jobs.

Achievements of the Dr Miro Cerar government, 2014 to 2017

When taking office the government committed itself to focusing above all on the wellbeing of the public, the economy and society as a whole. more...

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