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Photo: Andrej Trček/Municipality of Kranj
The presentation of the spring forecast from the Institute of Macroeconomic Analysis and Development indicates an exceptionally optimistic outlook, with the high and broad-based economic growth continuing this year. For this year a 5.1 percent growth in GDP is now forecast for Slovenia, following the autumn forecast of 3.9 percent growth.

In the opinion of economists, the decision of Miro Cerar to step down from the position of Prime Minister will not have any significant impact on macroeconomic conditions in Slovenia, and the economy should not expect any major consequences of the crisis owing to his resignation. The Prime Minister underlined that up until the election of a new government he would work to ensure that the government takes care of current and urgent matters and that Slovenia will remain peaceful and stable.

With the unveiling on Tuesday of a blockchain technology monument erected in Kranj, Slovenia has again shown itself to be first in the world. Through this monument Slovenia is creating and sending to the world a message that underlines its openness to digitalisation, its grasp of the use of new technologies and its welcome of progressive thinking, which aspires to mutual trust, transparency and cooperation.

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